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Thermal Printers

5V, 24V & battery powered print mechanisms and interface boards; kiosk printers, mobile and POS standalone printers.

Product Highlights

Fujitsu FTP-62GMCL153 ultra low profile thermal printer

Compact printer series targets embedded and self service designs

24V FTP-6xGMCL saves space, prints receipts, tickets and labels for a range of applications.

Datasheet - FTP-62GMCL153 |  Datasheet - FTP-63GMCL153/453 | Press Release



USB printer ideal for mobile receipts and labels

Lightweight and compact, the efficient FTP-628WSL212 offers fast, on-the-go thermal printing for field sales, POS, hospitality, medical and retail sales.

Datasheet |  Press Release

Recent Thermal Printers Press Releases

  • United States, San Jose, CA, July 09, 2015
    Fujitsu Releases Ultra Low Profile Thermal Printer Series
    Fujitsu Components America Inc. today announces the release of one of its smallest 24V thermal printer mechanism series, the FTP-6xGMCL series. The printers are targeted to OEMs developing compact self-service solutions for industrial, instrumentation, medical, retail, and transportation industries.
  • United States, Sunnyvale, CA, October 02, 2013
    Fujitsu Releases Cost-Efficient, Semi-Rugged USB Mobile Receipt and Label Printer
    Fujitsu Components America Inc. has added a semi-rugged, USB handheld printer to its mobile thermal printer offering. The printer supports connectivity with a variety of mobile computing devices for field sales, medical, POS and hospitality receipt and label printing applications.
  • United States, Sunnyvale, CA, March 28, 2012
    Fujitsu Introduces Flexible Module Printer for Kiosks
    Fujitsu Components America has redesigned a new modular thermal printer unit, the FTP-639USL100 series, that can be configured to maximize design and installation flexibility for various embedded kiosk designs.