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Fujitsu M10 Servers

Fujitsu SPARC M10 Servers

Boost efficiency and performance of mission-critical applications and databases without breaking IT budgets

  • Built with the mission-critical heritage found in all Fujitsu products
  • SPARC64 X and X+ processors provide industry-leading Software on Chip (SWoC) technology
  • Run Oracle Solaris 10 and 11 natively, and Oracle Solaris 8 and 9 in Oracle Solaris Containers
  • Entry-level Fujitsu M10-1, midrange Fujitsu M10-4 and scalable Fujitsu M10-4S models for small to huge enterprise workloads and consolidation
  • Seamlessly scale from 2 to 1,024 processor cores with CPU Core Activation, with up to 1TB of memory per CPU socket

Fujitsu M10 servers are flexible and scalable systems that deliver high performance and mission-critical reliability for enterprise-class workloads. These high-performance servers feature Fujitsu SPARC64 X+/X processors and run Oracle Solaris. Fujitsu M10 servers are available as single-socket 1RU Fujitsu M10-1, 2-4 socket 4RU M10-4 and scalable M10-4S models. Fujitsu M10 servers feature key technologies such as CPU Core Activation and Building Block architecture to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Fujitsu M10 servers are sold as SPARC M10 by Fujitsu in Japan. Fujitsu M10 and SPARC M10 are identical products.

More Information on Fujitsu M10 Servers

Fujitsu M10 Documentation

Services and Support

Fujitsu has a distinguished 30+ year strategic partnership with Oracle and is a Global DIAMOND Partner. Fujitsu is the only Oracle Partner in North America that has achieved Oracle certification to offer a Fujitsu Premier Service contract for Fujitsu M10 Servers. This contract provides Premier maintenance and support for server hardware and the Oracle Solaris operating system, minimizing hardware faults by repair or replacement, technical support and software updates.

FUJITSU Support and Services for Fujitsu M10 Servers (466 KB)