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FUJITSU UBIQUITOUSWARE Location Unit (S) IOT004 and (L) IOT005

  • IOT004IOT004
  • IOT004IOT004
  • IOT004IOT004
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  • IOT005IOT005
  • IOT005IOT005
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The Fujitsu Location Badge (Location Unit (S) IOT004 and clip type attachment) uses pedestrian dead reckoning technology based on proprietary algorithms to locate people in locations where GPS is hard to use (indoors) and use GPS to locate them outdoors, for precise location monitoring and motion tracking. The system can also detect a person's posture or whether they have fallen.The Fujitsu Location Tag (Location Unit (L) IOT005 and pipe/flat surface attachment) also uses pedestrian dead reckoning technology and GPS to track the paths of things using fewer beacons, in order to monitor their positions.

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