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Fujitsu Wearable devices allow hands free operation of tasks enabling the ability to digitize information from people, objects and environments.

FUJITSU UBIQUITOUSWARE Head Mounted Display IOT001 Head Mounted Display_02

The FUJITSU Head Mounted Display IOT001 is the perfect partner for augmented reality environments delivering hands free ease of use to enhance remote support, maintenance and training through the robust industry focused design. It consists of an adjustable non-see-through display positioned in front of either eye, wearable keyboard, integrated camera and voice control/command. In addition, the device contains a variety of sensors to detect the users' environment and behavior.


The FUJITSU Vital Sensing band (Vital Sensing Unit IOT003 and Band Type Attachment) helps to provide safer working environments by remotely monitoring the health and safety of workers and issuing alerts when accidents occur. Information is captured by a sensor worn on the wrist and has the ability to measure environmental factors (location/temperature/humidity) and the vital signs of the worker, enabling central monitoring of a workers safety. The band can also be used to detect falls or other accidents, allowing a proactive response and making the workplace safer.

FUJITSU UBIQUITOUSWARE Location Unit (S) IOT004 and (L) IOT005 IOT004

The Fujitsu Location Badge (Location Unit (S) IOT004 and clip type attachment) uses pedestrian dead reckoning technology based on proprietary algorithms to locate people in locations where GPS is hard to use (indoors) and use GPS to locate them outdoors, for precise location monitoring and motion tracking. The system can also detect a person's posture or whether they have fallen.The Fujitsu Location Tag (Location Unit (L) IOT005 and pipe/flat surface attachment) also uses pedestrian dead reckoning technology and GPS to track the paths of things using fewer beacons, in order to monitor their positions.