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We're sorry, this software is no longer available.
May we suggest the following replacement software: Rack2-Filer V5.0

PDF Datasheet
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Rack2-Filer™ converts scanned documents and digital data into PDF files and inputs this data into e-files for total document management purposes. This "life-like" data can then be viewed by flipping through "e-binders" with the simple click of a mouse. Furthermore, Rack2-Filer is also loaded with a vast array of editing functions that renders troublesome digital data management a relic of the past.

Input Data

  • You can easily input data with the Fujitsu "one-touch" ScanSnap or import digital data from other applications directly into e-binders.
  • Also supports all Fujitsu "fi" series scanners.

Organize & File

  • Digital cabinets and binders look just like the real thing and can be displayed in a single shelf or three shelf view.
  • Saves up to 2,520,000 digital pages of data in a 2,520 e-binders.

View & Arrange

  • Flip through "pages" with the click of a mouse.
  • Organize data using table of contents and indexes.
  • Highlight or attach e-notes to important sections.
  • Change page order with Rack2-Filer's thumbnail feature.
  • View single pages at a time or enlarge portions of a single page.

Output & Share

  • Single page data output can be sent to a printer, saved to a PC or attached to e-mail.
  • Export e-binders.

Data Input

Rack2-Filer is capable of digitally archiving the equivalent of 2,520,000 digital pages in up to 2,520 e-binders. (A maximum of 1,000 pages can be entered into each e-binder)

Rack2-Filer can:

  • Enter scanned documents (up to A3 in size(1)(2)) and digital data (charts, images etc.) into e-binders
  • Enter digital data created by other software into e-binders
  • Input e-binders (PDF format e-binders)
  • Save multiple input location settings (up to 3 settings)
Carrier Sheets:
A carrier sheets will be required when scanning documents exceeding A4 in size with a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner (fi-5110EOX/fi-5110EOX2/S500 versions)
Fujitsu ScanSnap fi-4110EOX2 and fi-4110EOX do not support carrier sheet scanning

Viewing data functions

  • e-binder searches (Title, table of contents, index and e-note searches)
  • Arranging data in e-binders (Rack2-Filer inputs data in chronological order)
  • Users can rearrange e-file shelf order-Unviewed image lists-Page displays (Enlarged images, single page views, image rotation, 180 image rotation)
  • Flipping through pages (single page flips, continuous page flips)

Editing functions

  • e-filing cabinet / cabinet row creation, deletion and rearrangement-e-binder creation, movement, editing and deletion
  • Change page order with the thumbnail function
  • Page duplication, movement, deletion and content deletion
  • Table of contents, index e-notes and highlighting
  • Digital data editing

Data Output

With Rack2-Filer, users can:

  • Either print, save (several pages are possible) or attach Rack2-Filer images to e-mail messages
  • Export e-binders

Rack2-Filer’s Operating Environment

Computer Intel / compatible computers
CPU Pentium IV 1.5 GHz (or higher)
OS Windows®2000 Professional and Windows®XP
Installation memory 256 MB (or higher)
Display Screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels (or higher)
Disk capacity Installed driver 10MB (or higher) of excess capacity
Prior to installation 120MB (or higher) of excess capacity (Not including memory needed to save created digital data)

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