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Government Department Imaging Solutions

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Scanners for the Government Sector


National security, corporate scrutiny, and healthcare-industry reform have created a huge flow of regulations—and a huge demand for regulatory compliance. The Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Patriot and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Acts - as well as the Government Paperwork Elimination and Reduction Act - require government at the state, local, and federal levels, to employ reliable and efficient data-storage technology. And that goes for the businesses government oversees, too. How can your department stay on top of the paperwork mountain? With Fujitsu document imaging solutions.

Fujitsu scanners meet the demanding requirements of government offices with image-processing solutions that include the world's fastest scanners (capturing up to 180 images per minute.)

Fujitsu scanners don’t just deliver speed: they also offer image quality, intelligent paper handling, reliable functionality, and true ease of integration and compatibility with more than 200 imaging applications.

Fujitsu is the imaging industry's technology leader with standard features such as built-in automatic document feeders for rapid, unattended scanning of multiple documents, and flatbed scanners for books, bound reports, or fragile originals. Fujitsu has also integrated the newest image-perfecting technology PaperStream IP which enhances standard TWAIN and ISIS applications by integrating cutting edge image processing technologies, without the need to change or modify any software. Engineered by experienced Fujitsu experts, PaperStream IP saves both time and money by reducing the number of rescans and cuts the amount of time it takes to setup a profile to just seconds.

Fujitsu scanners help government offices:

  • Meet regulatory compliance by enabling better recordkeeping through scanning
  • Process paperwork faster than ever with Fujitsu’s fast scanners
  • Scan directly to PDF for easier sharing and archiving