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Media Dispenser

F56 Multi Cassette Media Dispenser

Compact, Multi Cassette, Bunch Note Media Dispenser

F56 Media Dispenser
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Compact Multi Cassette Media Dispenser/Bunch Note Presenter

  • Compact and Multi Cassette Media Dispenser
  • High-end features at low cost
  • Flexible, Convenient, Easy integration
  • On board and remote diagnostic tools for quickly diagnosing and resolving issues
  • Low Cost of Ownership to improve the Return On Investment
  • Target applications include SCO, low-end ATMs, bill breakers, bill payments kiosk, teller assist, media dispenser, etc.
  • Highest flexibility in delivery / transport options

Compact and Multi Cassette Media Dispenser
Designed for the OEM market, the Fujitsu F56 dispenser features six cassettes that can hold up to a total of 3,000 notes or other media.

  • Width 6.3 in (160mm)
  • Depth 15.7 in (397mm)
  • Height 14.8 in (375mm) 2-Denominations
  • Up to 500 (new quality) notes / cassette
  • Optional Shutter

High-end Features at Low Cost
The Fujitsu F56 offers many features usually found only in more expensive units.

  • RS232C
  • Bunch presenter
  • Bill low sensor
  • Denomination sensor
  • Predictive failure analysis
  • Lockable cassette option
  • Firmware downloadable
  • Rejected note tray
  • Front, rear or dual sided configurations

Flexible and Easy Integration
The Fujitsu F56 provides you with maximum flexibility in product design. It can be installed as a front-service or rear-service configuration.

Dimensions (W x D x H)
160mm x 397mm x 375mm
Cass: 116mm x 216mm x 98mm
Capacities / denominations Accommodation 60mm
New notes 500 each cassette (approx.)
Weight (w/o media) 11kg
Cassette: 0.7kg
Standard Certifications UL, TUV certified
Service Access Front, Rear or Dual Access Reject Bill Capacity Approx. 20 Bills
Number of cassettes Up to 6 Cassettes
Standard 2 cassettes
Bill low sensor Fixed sensor 40 bills
Each cassette (approx.)
Bill count speed 2 notes / second Interface RS232/USB
media range
Max. 82mm x 160mm
Min. 65mm x 120mm
Thickness 0.09 ~ 0.3mm
Electrical Power Requirements DC +24V (+10%, -10%)
Max 7A
Ave. 5A
Bill transaction 20 bills / transaction Temperature Operation 0 ~ 40 ° C
Stop State -5 ~ 50 ° C
Bill retrieval Standard feature,
Optional Secure Storage bin
Max 60 bills
Relative Humidity Operation 10 ~ 95%
Stop state 8 ~ 95%
Shutter Optional
F53 Dimensions