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William Breman Museum in Atlanta

"We wanted to digitize this and other collections, with the goal of making a lot more of our archived material easily accessible online for people doing research as well as for the general public."

Jeremy Katz Director

The Customer

The William Breman Museum in Atlanta was founded to celebrate and commemorate the Jewish experience in the Southeastern United States, offering a central location to collect, preserve, interpret, and teach Jewish values, culture, and history. Named for the businessman who was active for decades in Atlanta’s Jewish community, the museum provides visitors with a historical perspective of the Jewish community in Georgia and adjacent states through permanent and rotating exhibitions. It also hosts a resource library and extensive archives containing documents and other artifacts of Jewish life in the South.

Business Needs

Jeremy Katz, director of the Cuba Family Archives for Southern Jewish History—the formal name for the museum’s extensive archive collection—says gathering and preserving historical documents and other items from Jewish families in the South is essential to providing a rich portrayal of Jewish history and activities in the region.

Solution: Fujitsu fi -6770 for high-speed scanning — and fl atbed for fragile documents

Following discussions with one of the organization’s patrons, the Breman Museum received a new Fujitsu fi -6770, which can scan up to 90 pages per minute. It also provides a fl atbedscanning option for more fragile documents, such as letters and contracts handwritten on onion-skin paper. In addition, the donor provided funds so the museum could hire a part-time assistant to help prepare documents to be digitized.