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Wild, Carey & Fife

Wild, Carey & Fife law firm becomes more efficient with the Fujitsu ScanSnap Mac scanner

Law Firm Becomes More Efficient With Cutting Edge Scanning Solution

Founded in 1980, San Francisco-based law firm, Wild, Carey and Fife is a small, private, full-service litigation law firm that serves a broad range of clients including, Professional Liability Law, Insurance Coverage Law, Business Litigation, Personal Injury Law, Construction Litigation and Transportation. With a variety of cases to manage on a daily basis, Wild, Carey and Fife rely on an efficient filing system of its sensitive records, in order to operate effectively.

Legal firms are under tremendous pressure from clients to complete work better, faster and more cost-effectively while, at the same time, providing security of the sensitive documentations that are typical of law proceedings. Jen Stanger, the firm’s lead paralegal, struggled with a fragmented process for creating, storing and retrieving client files. In an effort to streamline and accelerate the legal filing and completion process, Stanger explored options of bringing the company closer to a paperless environment.

"As a small office, managing the deluge of paper generated by our practice is a continual concern,” said Stanger. “We can spend hours locating a misfiled document, having prompt and accurate information retrieval is paramount to increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of doing business in this document-intensive industry.”

ScanSnap™ Mac Brings Order in the Court

Running on the Apple® Mac OS® X operating system, Stanger required a Mac compatible document imaging scanner that could significantly reduce the amount of time spent managing business projects and legal documentation. In investigating numerous desktop scanning solutions, Stanger selected Fujitsu’s first Mac compatible scanner to replace the primitive methods of manual filing, retrieving, copying, and faxing paper documents. With its small footprint and easy one-touch scanning, Stanger not only improves the efficiency in document filing and records management, but it also minimizes the physical storage space that paper documentation requires.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner is a powerful, affordable, upright, compact, and easy-to-use color scanner that allows business professionals to quickly convert paper documents to Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) files that are easily organized, shared and protected. Its 50-page automatic document feeder and ability to scan duplex color at 15 pages per minute allows Stanger to work more efficiently and spend less time in the “back office” scanning one page at a time. As the company’s first Mac compatible scanner, Fujitsu enables Apple computer users, running on an OSX version 10.4 Tiger™, the same flexibility and business efficiency that have been made more easily available to PC users.

Since installing the Fujitsu ScanSnap solution, Wild, Cary and Fife has experienced marked improvements in office administration. Secretarial duties and time has been the most significantly affected as a function of converting hard-copy materials to electronic documents for use, transmission and archiving. The ScanSnap has reduced both the staff’s time in converting documents as well as circulating and transmitting documents internally and externally. Additional administrative functions have seen dramatic time improvements with the ability to allow for batch archiving and electronic transmission of materials that would otherwise be faxed or bulk mailed.

“Our ability to continually predict and meet the needs of our clients is synonymous to our practice. As such, we value tools that help to improve the efficiency of communication and enable us to work more productively. The ScanSnap has proven itself to be a remarkable asset in this regard,” said Stanger. “By allowing us to move effortlessly between hard-copied material and electronic documents, the ScanSnap has reduced the communication gap without compromising the quality or integrity of our client communications. Correspondence, billing, and document collaboration have improved significantly since we started using the ScanSnap.”

The ScanSnap has increased the efficiency of the firm’s procedures and processes, altogether, by facilitating the reduction of paper used and stored in the day-to-day aspects of the office proceedings. An increasing percentage of the company’s file materials are electronically stored, given the ScanSnap’s ease of use and efficient processing. Document retention has improved as the ability to locate, regenerate and transmit archived documents has moved from a traditional physical storage model to one based on electronic archiving.

“The ScanSnap is a remarkable product and one that we heartily endorse. We have been extremely impressed with its functionality, size, ease-of-use, and integration. Given these qualities we are constantly finding new ways to implement its use both in improving the service level we provide to our clients as well as the general administration of the firm as a business. Its very intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone in the firm to quickly drop a paper, or stack of paper in, and scan away, further validating its value.”

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