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Wateford School District

Waterford School District automates registration with the Fujitsu fi-4120C scanner

Finally, Papers Students Don’t Have to Turn In

The Waterford School District provides quality education for students of Waterford Township, Independence, White Lake, West Bloomfield, and the City of Lake Angelus in Michigan. Serving nearly 12,000 students each year, the district includes thirteen elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools, one alternative high school, one special education school and an early childhood center. Having responsibility for thousands of children on a daily basis, it’s a top priority of the Waterford administrative staff to ensure that students and parents locate the resources and each student’s personal information is accurate.

Each new school year Waterford enrolls close to 1,500 new students. Like most school districts throughout the United States, historically, this process was manual, paper intensive and time consuming. Before implementing the automated enrollment system, Waterford handled its entire enrollment on-site at each school building the child was enrolling in. Parents would have to pick up the enrollment package, fill out the necessary material and turn it into the enrollment office at each school. On top of the time and energy it takes to manually route the information, Waterford building staff and administrators had to keypunch the enrollment data from 10,000 paper forms into their online student database, file the paper forms, and monitor, track and retrieve the information housed in the thousands upon thousands of enrollment documents.

Waterford was in need of a solution that would decrease staff headaches and streamline the process while giving the time and money back to the children. David Vultaggio, Director of Management Information Systems at Waterford School District was in search of a solution that would put time and money back into the school system.

Automating and Centralizing the Student Enrollment Process

To tackle the project, Waterford enlisted the help of CEO Image Systems (, a developer and full service provider of scanning and electronic document management systems based in Plymouth, MI. The firm was selected due to CEO Image Systems extensive experience working with countless school districts to automate student, finance and human resources record keeping processes. The school district’s key business needs included: reducing labor costs, improving information access, lowering cycle times, improving efficiency and creating secure and easy access by authorized staff all student records. With that in mind, CEO Image Systems designed an integrated system using CEO’s Image Executive® enterprise content management system, Fujitsu scanners and Cardiff Teleform® that would:

  • Centralize the student enrollment process to one building
  • Reduce data entry of enrollment information
  • Create a paperless Student CA/60 folder
  • Increase productivity
  • Make it easier and more convenient for district families to enroll children
  • Reduce paper copies and storage space
  • Utilize pre-existing data for returning students

CEO Image System selected Fujitsu scanners for the project based on a variety of factors including value, ease of use, and quality. As the best selling work group scanner on the market, the Fujitsu fi-4120C scanner brought a perfect balance of speed and versatility to this distributed, front-office scanning process. An added benefit is that the fi-4120C scans plastic ID cards such as driver’s licenses and health insurance cards often required for proof of identification in the enrollment process.

Cardiff’s Teleform was used to design the "intelligent" enrollment forms. Parents have the option of either filling out Teleform enrollment forms on-line, or printed paper forms. The electronic forms are routed directly to the enrollment office, or if paper the parents fill them out and they are scanned at the enrollment office. The parents are directed to sign a signature page and show proof of residency, both of which are scanned to complete the process. The Teleform technology extrapolates ICR (handprint data), OCR (machine printed data), and OMR (check box and bubble mark data) from the forms which in turn is uploaded to the Waterford Schools Discovery student system database, and also automatically indexes and files the electronic and scanned forms in the CEO Image Executive system to create a paperless student folder.

"In our current economic climate it is important that schools find ways to operate more efficiently. The Fujitsu fi-4120C scanners coupled with the CEO Image Executive and Cardiff Teleform has truly made this possible," said Dave Vultaggio, Director of MIS, Waterford School District. "Our staff spends less time duplicating and delivering documents, which frees them for more valuable work. As an added benefit, we can make information more readily available to staff by scanning information and posting it to our web site, allowing us to more effectively share information with our community."

Maintaining student files electronically has a number of advantages. By using the Fujitsu document scanners to transfer paper-based documents to electronic format, the physical and labor costs of paper filing are reduced and the risk of misplacing a document is eliminated. The automated data capture from the scanned "intelligent" Teleforms has automated data collection, dramatically reducing the number of staff who used to keypunch the enrollment data. Additionally, with the combined solution of the Fujitsu document scanners, CEO Image Executive and Cardiff Teleform, authorized users have nearly instantaneous access to documents, allowing them to fulfill student, staff or administrative requests more quickly.

The approach has taken the burden off of the annual enrollment process by centralizing student enrollment from 25 buildings to one single point of data entry, reduces time and costs spent, utilize pre-existing data for returning students, reduces paper copies and storage of paper and most importantly, simplifies the enrollment process to make it for convenient for each student’s family.

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  • Centralize and covert enrollment data from 10,000 paper forms into an online student database
  • Make it easier and more convenient for district families to enroll children


  • Labor costs of paper filing reduced and the risk of misplacing a document was eliminated
  • Information is more readily available to staff allowing the school district to more effectively share information with their community