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  5. Shumate Mechanical frees up floor space with doc-link™ and Fujitsu scanners

Shumate Mechanical

Shumate Mechanical frees up floor space with doc-link™ and Fujitsu scanners

Shumate Mechanical provides a full range of HVAC products and services to residential, commercial and industrial businesses in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. With 500 employees, including over 100 service technicians, Shumate offers installation, replacement, engineering, design build, new construction and maintenance services.

Challenge: Effective Enterprise Content Management Solution for Secure Electronic Document Storage

In 2004, Shumate became independent from parent company Lennox Industries. The new standalone entity had 12 months to extract itself from Lennox’s infrastructure and needed to find a new software solution. After attending the 2005 WennSoft Users Group, Shumate decided to implement the WennSoft Job Cost and Service Management Series along with Microsoft Dynamics™ GP.

As a growing company with multiple locations, they also wanted to find a solution to enhance their communication throughout the company and gain visibility to all the documents that were moving between the different locations and employees working from home and off-site.

Customer service representatives were spending a significant amount of time researching and filing documents to handle customer service calls. AP clerks were not able to see where an invoice was in the approval process and oftentimes had to wait additional days for invoices to be sent and received via interoffice mail. The physical movement of documents between departments and locations was beginning to become a bottleneck, which affected their ability to bill, and realize revenues, in a timely manner.

Solution: Breaking Free of the Ties that Bind with doc-link™ and Fujitsu

While reviewing the WennSoft solution, Shumate was introduced to doc-link™, an integrated document management and workflow solution by Altec. Key to the selection of doc-link was its integration with WennSoft and Dynamics GP, which allowed users to access and process electronic documents seamlessly from their WennSoft or Dynamics screens.

Now, Shumate’s corporate culture has adopted the paperless environment. Hard copy documents coming from vendors and other external sources are immediately scanned into doc-link using Fujitsu desktop scanners so that electronic versions can be processed. Shumate selected a mix of Fujitsu document scanners, including the fi-4120C, fi-5110C, fi-5120C, and fi-6140 models, for their ease of use, fast speeds and flexibility. “Fujitsu scanners were chosen based on their reputation for durability and ability to produce a quality image. The scanners have no doubt increased efficiency and improved business processes; the cost savings we’ve incurred continues to validate our decision.” Vendor invoices are routed electronically to department and project managers for approval, mitigating the possibility of lost or misfiled documents and speeding up the overall transaction processing time. The visibility obtained with doc-link to the status and locations of documents has increased efficiency and productivity. Additionally, customer service representatives can now review the appropriate document, whether it’s a waiver, invoice or check list, and email it directly to the customer while they have customers on the phone. This allows for immediate resolution of customer service inquiries on the first phone call.

“The integration of the mobile workforce solution, doc-link and Fujitsu scanners has yielded tremendous benefits,” stated Frank Steinocher, Chief Information Officer of Shumate. Instead of waiting for paper invoices to be generated, which can sometimes cause a week-long delay, the customer is immediately emailed their invoice by the service technician. At the same time, that electronic invoice is captured into the doc-link repository. Now anyone with proper privileges can access the electronic document through doc-link or, because of doc-link’s integration, through the WennSoft of Dynamics GP screens.”

Environmental responsibility and the movement to “going green” was also another important initiative for Shumate. Aside from the efficiency and visibility of scanning and processing documents electronically, Shumate has been able to free up over 500 square feet of valuable floor space which was previously used for filing purposes.

“The reliability and dependability of our Fujitsu scanners combined with the improved productivity of doc-link has created a more efficient business environment which translates to a better customer experience,” Eve Harrell, Commercial Operations Manager, Shumate Mechanical.

The next step is moving the archiving of job files towards a paperless environment which will allow Shumate to benefit from immediate accessibility and additional floor space for future growth.


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  • United States


  • Enhance communication throughout the company; enable easier access and higher visibility to customer information/documents
  • Streamline inefficient transfer of invoices and documents between departments and locations
  • Decrease amount of time needed for employees to research, file, and access documents while on customer service calls


  • Business invoices and documents are scanned and routed electronically to appropriate department for processing/ approval, speeding up transaction times and decreasing chances of lost or misfiled documents
  • Customer service representatives can now quickly access, review, and email any and all documents to customers while on the customer is on the phone, allowing immediate resolution of customer service inquiries
  • Shumate was able to free up over 500 square feet of floor space that was previously used for filing cabinets