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Belvedere Hotel in New York City

"Our solution uses Optical Character Recognition to capture relevant data from IDs and disperse that information into appropriate fields."

Alex Lerner President and Chief Technology Officer of TTI

The Customer

The Belvedere Hotel in New York City is a premier lodging destination for travelers around the world. Located on West 48th Street in the midst of the city’s theater district, the Belvedere provides a beautiful 1920’s Art Deco exterior as the entry way to luxury rooms that are just a short distance from major theaters and other attractions of Broadway. The hotel attracts guests from around the world, including the United States, Canada, England, Europe, Australia, and Brazil.

Business Needs

Following standard practice across the hospitality industry, the Belvedere attempts to gather detailed information about guests when they arrive, since most online booking mechanisms—the most common way to get a hotel today—do not capture details like a guest’s nationality, passport data, or other information. Historically, this has always been collected manually at the front desk when guests check in.

Solution: Fujitsu fi -60F with Solution from Technology Partner

Working with TTI Technologies, a solution provider based in New York, the Belvedere deployed ID and passport scanning software called Scan2PMS, which interfaces with most property management systems. It integrates with Fujitsu fi -60F and fi -65F fl atbed scanners, which are compact devices capable of producing highly detailed images and text from documents such as passports, drivers’ licenses, and credit cards.