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  5. AGI implements Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to disseminate documents seemlessly between offices

AGI implements Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to disseminate documents seemlessly between offices


  • Diversified Services

Offering Groups:

  • Scanners

Solution Areas:

  • Imaging Solutions


  • United States


  • Methods of sending documents via fax, courier, or mail were time consuming and costly


  • Reduced faxing, shipping and copying personnel costs
  • Easy to disseminate documents seamlessly between offices

American Graphics Institute

AGI implements Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to disseminate documents seemlessly between offices

American Graphics Institute (AGI) provides consulting services and training relating to print, Internet and PDF publishing software. AGI is an Adobe Certified Training Provider and a Quark Authorized Training Center with offices and training centers in eight U.S. cities.

With multiple locations and a growing number of clients, AGI recognized the need to implement a document management process, enabling it to quickly and easily share information between offices while effectively managing each office's internal documents. AGI needed to manage administrative materials (invoices, pay stubs, tax returns, etc.) and operational materials (student tests, lesson plans, research, etc.) more efficiently.

To enable the transformation from traditional filing, faxing and mailing to effective document management, AGI turned to the Fujitsu ScanSnap™ scanning solution. Prior to using the ScanSnap scanner, AGI relied on traditional mail, courier services and faxes to distribute information but those distribution methods created some problems; faxes did not always reach their intended destination, and were sometimes difficult to read, while mail and overnight couriers were costly, time consuming, and often impractical.

Easy Implementation Leads to Fast Results

In less than one hour after AGI installed their first Fujitsu ScanSnap, the administrative staff had been trained on how to use the scanner and started digitally sending documents to vendors, business partners, customers, and traveling consultants.

Sparked by that success, within days AGI had started scanning information to send between its various offices. The accounting department, for example, immediately recognized the value proposition that the ScanSnap scanner offered as it often needed to send the same information to multiple managers in different offices. Having the ability to instantly scan to PDF and send copies via email eliminated the need for multiple copies and overnight deliveries, allowing all parties to process the documents more efficiently. AGI has eliminated hundreds of hours of personnel time that was once devoted to copying, faxing and shipping documents. Once heavily relied upon, their fax machine now sits nearly unused.

Due to AGI's initial success using the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner, the company decided to install a scanner on the desk of every administrative employee at its headquarters in suburban Boston. The company also installed a ScanSnap scanner in its Pennsylvania administrative offices to facilitate the dissemination of documents between the company's headquarters and other satellite locations. With these scanners, AGI is now able to more efficiently and economically transmit documents, producing less waste while saving valuable time. The process has created a strong preference among employees, clients, and other third parties to receive, store, and retrieve documents electronically.

"The ScanSnap scanners have been a great investment for us," said Christopher Smith, CEO of American Graphics Institute. "They have streamlined our methods of distributing information. The Fujitsu scanners were extremely easy to install and have been maintenance-free. When Adobe released a new version of Adobe Acrobat, Fujitsu quickly posted new drivers to their web site so we were able to benefit from the technology. Our ScanSnap scanners have saved us an enormous amount of time and money. They easily paid for themselves the first week that we had them installed. The next time we need additional scanners I wouldn't consider anything else."