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Partnerships for Success

Partnerships are critical in today’s highly competitive markets. Leverage our extensive telecommunications expertise by joining a Fujitsu partner program. You’ll get the full business advantage of the Fujitsu telecommunications solutions portfolio, long recognized throughout the industry, as the benchmark for quality and innovation.

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Our specialized programs support Fujitsu reseller channel partners in bringing Fujitsu networking solutions to market. We support value-added resellers who broaden our market reach. We work with national service providers in serving their end-user customers.

Supplier Diversity

Fujitsu is committed to providing procurement opportunities to enterprises owned by minorities, women, and service-disabled veterans (M/W/DVBE). We encourage qualified companies to participate in our vendor diversity process and compete for business.

System Integrators

Fujitsu partners with communications, infrastructure, and network integrators to deliver cost-effective, best-in-class solutions. Integrator partners serve a wide variety of industries, developing special-purpose network, technology and operation solutions.

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Consulting & Engineering

We work actively with consulting and engineering firms, ensuring access to the latest Fujitsu product and technology information. We also enable direct access to Fujitsu businesses and industry experts. Fujitsu values collaborative relationships with consulting firms and supports them in providing maximum value to their clients. Contact us to find out more

Alliances & Affiliations

Fujitsu takes an active role in shaping our industry through affiliations with leading global industry standards, advocacy and support groups. We also develop mutually beneficial business alliances with other industry leaders. These relationships enable participants to link innovations and expertise together, serve customers better, and reach new markets around the world.

Secondary Market

In a competitive telecom industry, network operators want to get the biggest bang out of their valuable capital assets. Some are maximizing their capital dollars by turning to the resale market, where Fujitsu equipment is changing hands. We assist used equipment resellers and end-user buyers with continued product support options, including proper licensing of our software following a change of ownership.

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Current STAR Partners

View our current STAR Program partners.