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Symantec and Fujitsu Group Collaboration

Symantec | VeritasFujitsu is a Global Strategic Partner and a global reseller of Symantec software products, including the Availability and Replication products, as well as Backup and Recovery products.

Global Strategic Partners are Symantec's most important providers in the industry. The Symantec and Fujitsu partnership delivers joint, differentiated infrastructure solutions for business continuity and high availability including enterprise servers, storage and services for the most demanding enterprise datacenter environments. By combining world class hardware and software, customers are given broad options and outstanding flexibility across all tiers of the infrastructure, providing unique solutions that can reduce TCO.

For over 18 years Fujitsu and Symantec have partnered to deliver leading customer solutions.  The following are a selection of available solutions:

  • Efficient Storage Management. Fujitsu ETERNUS® storage combined with Storage Foundation provides the most energy efficient and environmentally-friendly “Green IT” solution. It uses the “Dynamic Storage Tiering (DST)” component of Storage Foundation to manage tiered data and ETERNUS Eco-mode using MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) spin-down technology to reduce TCO and energy consumption. In addition, ETERNUS storage capacity virtualization technology "Thin Provisioning" reduces initial storage investments and allows increased use of the available space.
  • Efficient Archiving. Fujitsu provides essential infrastructure solutions with servers and storage systems, including ETERNUS DX, ETERNUS CS, ETERNUS LT, plus associated services. Symantec completes the offering with NetBackup, BackupExec and Enterprise Vault software, which set up and complete the ideal infrastructure for e-mail environments. Enterprise Vault can also be implemented for archiving solutions. The customer benefits of such an efficient archiving solution include IT policy based automated migration, storage, and retention, of unstructured information; while improving performance reducing costs, and simplifying data management.
  • Efficient Data Protection. As part of its Dynamic Infrastructures strategy, Fujitsu delivers leading technologies for implementing the best and most efficient data protection solutions. Our Efficient Data Protection initiative contains ETERNUS storage, NetBackup, Symantec BackupExec and services to minimize data protection costs and reduce complexity. The result is a unified solution that provides desktop, remote office, and data center protection, across the entire enterprise.

For more information about these solutions and others, please contact us.