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University Collaboration

We are reaching beyond our laboratories to collaborate with the best minds in universities and research institutions around the world. Through these joint projects, we are able to collectively develop innovative solutions and leverage technology to address the challenges of the 21st century.

Our current research collaboration includes:

Georgia Institute of Technology

Prof. Alex Orso
Project: Cross Browser Testing Research
Theme: Cross Browser Incompatibility Checking

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Prof. Richard Larson
Project: "Towards Intelligent Societies: What Motivates Students to Study Science and Math? How Do We Provide for Flexible Learning Pathways?" Additional information is available at: MIT Learning International Networks Consortium, MIT BLOSSOMS, and STEM Pals Newsletter.
Research Theme: Open Education Solutions

North Carolina State University

Prof. Tao Xie
Project: Android App Testing
Research Theme: Android App symbolic execution

Stanford University

Prof. Nick Bambos
Project: Machine learning of health states
Research Theme: Data driven monitoring and assessment of health

Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Prof. Willem Visser
Project: Java VaaS
Research Theme: Java Symbolic execution

University of British Columbia, Canada

Prof. Ali Mesbah
Project: Cross Browser Analysis
Research Theme: Web Crawler

University of California, Berkeley

Prof. Ken Goldberg
Project: "Social Media and Primary-Secondary Learning using Opinion Space"
Research Theme: Open Education Solutions

University of Southern California

Prof. Alan E. Willner
Project: "Ultra low noise optical amplifier"

University of Toronto

Prof. Amr Helmy
Project: "Development of AlGaAs based PSA"

If you are associated with a university and are interested in joint collaboration opportunities, please email us at