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Accreditation is an essential element of our Service Partner business agreements and requires that a significant number of individuals from the partner go on Fujitsu approved training. Product service and support technical training courses are available and are designed to help partners offer top class service and support of our products. This section outlines training courses for accredited partners and those seeking accreditation.

Warranty Statement

The standard warranty service offered by Fujitsu Technology Solutions is on a ‘hardware’ basis only. Whilst we are OEM providers of operating systems and applications, our support may be limited on these products and any training available is to an installation and configuration level only.

For further details please contact our Services department for our warranty service terms and conditions.

Who can benefit from our Service Training?

Strategic Service Partner Training Specialists, Technical Support and Field
Service staff
Other Service Partner Technical Support and Field Service staff
Repair Centre technicians
Logistics companies handling our products

Where is the training held?

Standard scheduled events run at regular intervals throughout the year. They are generally provided by Fujitsu in the UK at either a Fujitsu centre or at an external site if required (special price conditions apply). Some events are only run in our central training facilities in Germany. Bookings for these should be made through Fujitsu.

Other courses including bespoke events for internal or external delegates, internal UK staff introduction and update sessions and special events not covered by the scheduled courses will be provided by Fujitsu.