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For Sales and Service Professionals

Fujitsu takes responsibility for enhancing the skills and competencies of our partners and customers, focussing in particular on our products and solutions. Thus, we prepare you for cooperation with us and enable you to optimally work with Fujitsu’ products and solutions.

What training do you need?

Product training is divided into two distinct areas: Sales and Technical.
Sales training needs to ensure there is a level of product knowledge such that the technologies used in the product are known and understood but where the focus is on selling the product rather than 'how it works'. Features, benefits, market and competitive positioning and unique selling points are all included. With this knowledge, the sales person will be better placed to position our products and offer their customer’s the best solutions available.

Technical training needs, by definition, to focus heavily on all technical aspects of the product. We concentrate on the technologies associated with the product and, depending upon the target audience, the topics will include their configuration, installation, service and support.

Which level of training is for me?

Training Courses are divided into several levels, depending on their content and intended audience. The levels are:
  • Introductory - Introductory course for those not familiar with our company and products. 
  • Professional - In-depth course covering core elements of the entry level models in the specific product range, e.g., Notebooks, Desktop PCs, PRIMERGY Servers and Enterprise Servers.
  • Senior - In-depth course covering the higher end of the specific product range 
  • Expert - In-depth course covering advanced elements, applications or technologies, e.g., clustering, complex storage networks, SAP, project scenarios, etc.
  • Updates - Update events introduce new products and technologies, and are aimed at those who have attended previous Professional, Senior or Expert courses. Update sessions will typically be run half-yearly. The normal courses will be progressively revised as new products appear so attendance at an Update course immediately following a regular course will not be necessary.

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