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Next Generation Networks

As one of the strongest and most experienced vendors in NGN access deployments, Fujitsu offers solutions that are scalable from the largest exchanges to small-scale rural deployments. Focused on reducing the operational cost of the access and metro network, our solutions deliver the widest range of existing and IP-generation services.

Our extensive expertise encompasses exchange-based network solutions, providing a complete turnkey design and installation service that protects existing services and revenues, while consolidating network platforms for a seamless, cost-efficient and scalable migration.

With deeper fibre penetration driven by the need to reduce costs and deliver higher subscriber bandwidths, operators need the freedom to capitalise on new deployment opportunities such as FTTH and FTTcab. Fujitsu's NGN access technology provides the inherent flexibility required, supporting the rapid provision of new multiple services from a common core platform, such as:

  • Broadband, video, voice and mobile backhaul, including wholesale and retail service variants
  • Business access, with transparent connections and "provider" tagged services, supporting VPNs

Case Studies

  • United Kingdom , Industries: Aerospace and Defense , Government, Telecommunications
    Ministry of Defence: Providing Telecommunications IT Services with BT in Germany

    Fujitsu provides a helpdesk, maintenance support for a wide range of communications equipment in Germany as well as project support for BT in the installation and design of new equipment and systems. Tags:

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  • Ireland , Industry: Telecommunications
    O2: Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE)

    Fujitsu designed, built, and managed a robust and scalable MVNE on behalf of O2 Tags:

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  • United Kingdom , Industry: Telecommunications
    Citizen: Global Telecommunications Case Study

    Being a global service support partner for a top player in the telecommunications industry demands not only a global presence, but above all, the ability to offer central control of services that are geographically widely spread. Fujitsu demonstrate this expertise throughout the entire process chain – from orders for network components, to shipment, to support. Tags:

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  • Belgium , Industry: Telecommunications
    Belgacom SA

    The Belgacom Group (Belgacom SA) is the first telecommunications company in Belgium, operating in the Belgian and international markets. As a responsible company, Belgacom wants to be the preferred provider of intuitive end-to-end solutions combining fixed and mobile telecom, IT and media, thereby empowering its customers to master and enrich their professional and private lives in a sustainable way. Tags: ETERNUS CS Virtual Tape Sol.

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