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Mobile Backhaul

Fujitsu’s GeoStream Access Gateway Fibre MSAN can be deployed to consolidate access, and provide grooming and aggregation, dramatically reducing the cost of 3G mobile networks. We work in close partnership with both mobile and wholesale network operators to address their strategic requirements, designing and deploying operator-specific solutions.

We can decimate the cost of 3G mobile networks, providing a complete analysis of the overall transport network requirement and the most appropriate mix of solutions and support. By adopting a total strategic view, Fujitsu can enable a managed evolution to a full IP transport solution, combining bespoke development with a proven and continually evolving product portfolio.

As a strategic partner and supplier to wholesale network operators, we can provide the differentiation that increases UMTS backhaul business, with multiple benefits:

  • Common TDM/IP/ATM platform
  • Minimal process issues
  • OSS inter-working

For mobile operators, we can provide a carefully tailored evolution programme:

  • Reducing reliance on third party infrastructure
  • Taking costs down dramatically with metro-area consolidation and grooming
  • Creating a low cost ATM platform, a common infrastructure for 2G/3G and consolidated single bearer backhaul