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Challenge 4: Efficient Operations

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Meeting aggressive revenue targets is a key challenge for rail operators, as they are under increased pressure to:

  • Minimise support costs
  • Improve responsiveness
  • Manage IT complexity
  • Curb carbon emissions with greener IT

We can help you to reduce administrative loads and energy costs, allowing your revenue streams to increase whilst maintaining your green image.

Fujitsu collaborate with our customers to uniquely create solutions designed to meet your rail operating needs. If reducing operating costs is a challenge to your business, then we can help.

Rail and Cloud computing

Fujitsu’s cloud computing solutions present opportunities for both business and social innovation as well as modernising ICT.

Cloud provides a platform for operators to develop and deploy new processes, systems and offerings that make them more competitive. Cloud also helps turn IT into a more effective and responsive business service.

By ensuring on-demand access to pools of trusted infrastructure and services, cloud promises to de-couple business initiatives from the IT capabilities driving them.

Fujitsu has a history of implementing high performance and robust IT infrastructures for rail customers, using storage systems and work stations.

Fujitsu’s tailored IT solutions can help keep your day-to-day business running as efficiently as possible.