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Smart Fraud Detection Tools

Reducing fraud and errror
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Fujitsu fraud detection and analytics – prevention is better than cure

Every year in the UK, fraud and error costs public services an estimated £31bn, the equivalent of £500 for every person in Britain. But with the right fraud detection tools, you can use the data people submit to detect mistakes or fraud. You can then stop incorrect payments and wasted effort, saving time, resources and money.

Fujitsu has been supporting the UK Government with IT services and solutions for over 40 years. We have a full understanding of the issues faced within both central and local government, and have developed a unique assessment tool that uses data analytics to help government departments and local authorities assess the risk of error or fraud. Our smart fraud and error detection tool is easy to deploy because there’s no need for complex integration. And it’s possible to run a proof-of-value test through government frameworks. Both central government and local councils have or are using the solution. For example, following proof-of-value exercises, our tool has been used to assess applications for services such as housing benefits.

Using our smart fraud and error detection tools and analytics we have:

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Fujitsu Fraud and ErrorFujitsu Fraud and ErrorFujitsu Fraud and Error

Gravesham Borough Council Case Study
Southwark Case Study

Gravesham Borough Council

Using big data analytics and data matching to help Gravehsam Borough Council tackle social housing fraud.

Each year housing tenancy, benefit and council tax fraud cost the UK’s local authorities in excess of £1.3bn. But fraudsters in Gravesham Borough Council have recently faced detection after the local authority implemented Fujitsu’s social housing fraud and error technology.

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Southwark Council

Transforming business - delivering client operational systems across the workforce to help identify fraudulent claims.

The borough has a significant student population with over 5,000 individuals claiming exemption from Council Tax. Southwark Council was able to correctly identify 423 claimants who were no longer students. By bringing these citizens back onto the Council Tax register, the council was able to generate an additional £500k in revenue.

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