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Fujitsu IT Solutions for Telecommunications Companies

Streamlining costs of IT & network infrastructure
Streamlining costs
Need for speed
Monitising data
Creating value

Streamlining network infrastructure and operating costs

Telecoms service providers face many challenges in streamlining operation and platform costs, whilst at the same time remaining able to rapidly respond to customer needs. With Fujitsu’s telecom IT expertise we can enable you to respond to these challenges and keep your business moving forward.

IT challenges within telecoms companies

Keeping up with competitors who are consolidating and investing in growing their footprint, or who are rolling out new services is a significant issue. Today it is no longer the case that the telecoms sector sees a new product launched once a decade. In what is now a fast moving environment, constant consumer demand for new products means there is a need to consistently innovate and keep up with change.

It is an enormous challenge to manage networks with multiple platforms, multiple vendors and a complex IT environment, which have come about through multiple acquisitions and stove-piped functions. Such an asset intensive environment is costly as the operation needs to be supported by large staff numbers and a large infrastructure.

Competition from new entrants in the industry offering alternative web based models also presents problems.

The speed and reach of your network is what differentiates you. However the overall cost of ownership, cost of scaling and OSS/BSS complexity could be holding you back when trying to rollout new services.

When facing these challenges you need a world class technology partner who can keep you ahead of the competition.

Choosing Fujitsu as your IT partner

Fujitsu is a world class provider of telecoms services and solutions with over 70 years of experience working in the sector. We can streamline your IT network infrastructure and operations to remove costs.

Fujitsu has extensive experience, capability and history as an IT and network integrator. We have technical expertise in multi-vendor telecoms, OSS, BSS and IT infrastructure, and can converge SDN/NFV network solutions to allow the rapid spin-up, spin-down of new services.

Our other offerings include:

  • service infrastructure
  • legacy modernisation
  • networks and data centres that flexibly scale together
  • global data centre infrastructure
  • agile accelerated new product/service/platform/application introduction
  • business case based assessment and lean approach
  • wireless energy management systems to reduce the cost of power consumption at core sites
  • telecoms engineering and lab environment to integrate and test systems
  • partner alliances to optimise licence spend
  • asset lifecycle services –evaluation/closure/asset screen/sale/recycle/repair/reuse/dispose
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