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The Need for Speed

Need for speed
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Need for speed
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Agile IT solutions for the telecommunications sector

With the rollout of strategic programmes such as small cell, SDN & NFV next generation architectures and next generation access, speed is of the essence. However it can be a major challenge for telecoms providers managing complex legacy systems to roll out programmes at speed.

If this is a challenge you face Fujitsu can help, we can modernise your legacy infrastructure to deliver more agile services.

Customer demand for speed and new products within the telecommunications industry is intense. Expectations for a fast, reliable, 24/7, ‘wherever and whenever I want’ service is high. With mobile users now watching more and more films and videos on their phones, over the top delivery is increasing, which is stretching network capabilities.

Fujitsu IT – solutions for keeping pace with customer demand

Fujitsu’s IT solutions offer you the ability to be flexible and agile so that you can scale up and down according to customer demand.

Our comprehensive telecommunications services portfolio and experience as a world class telecoms technology partner, means we can help you to overcome the challenges you face in driving your business forward.

We can use our knowledge and experience to help advise you on all aspects related to telecommunications such as making capital/vendor decisions.

Fujitsu offerings for telecoms providers.

For decades we have worked with major service providers within the telecommunications industry, and so whether it’s a physical, virtual or skill based requirement we have the expertise you need.

Our capabilities include:

  • SDN and VFN products and global alliances
  • scale of technical operations
  • brand extension, we can deliver service under your branding
  • management of complex technical programmes to time, to budget and to quality
  • SI capability covering end-user desktop, consumer and business premise, retail stores, street-side infrastructure, metro, head-end, core site and data centre

Fujitsu is a trusted technology partner with the highest standards in health and safety, environmental policy, corporate social responsibility and quality.

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