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Monetising Telecommunications Data Services

Monitising data services
Streamlining costs
Need for speed
Monitising data
Creating value

Increasing revenue with IT Solutions from Fujitsu

In today’s telecoms industry consumer requirements for unlimited data coupled with intense competition is leading to declining revenues.

Telecommunications has a linear profile with a high cost infrastructure, and this makes competing against web players using virtualised environments difficult. Having to create and maintain infrastructure is costly. Those web players and OTTs using a telecoms infrastructure without having to pay for its development, creation and maintenance can have a significant cost advantage.

For telecommunications providers IT investment is therefore essential for monetising data, capturing value and increasing revenue.

If you are asking yourself, how you can increase your revenue by monetising the explosion in devices being connected to the internet through B2B and B2C, IoT and M2M, contact us at Fujitsu.

We can help you:

  • capture value with analytics
  • manage complex security implications
  • achieve a more scalable infrastructure

Fujitsu are the ‘go to’ market partner for telecoms providers.

Generating revenue from available data sources

Telecoms has become a critical national infrastructure, and providers are required to meet higher service expectations.

As consumers and businesses increasingly buy-in to the digital world, technology from Fujitsu can enable you to monetise data traffic growth from the 3rd wave of internet and the many smart devices connected to your network.

Why have Fujitsu as your IT partner?

Fujitsu has decades of experience working with telecoms providers on a global scale. We spend over $2 billion in research and development each year and have over 100,000 world-wide patents. Our offerings can help you overcome the challenges you face in monetising data services.

We have capabilities in the following:

  • big data analytics
  • apps environment
  • IT security
  • RFID
  • cloud capability
  • Wi-Fi, broadband and mobile network build

In addition with our acquisition of GlobeRanger a US technology company specialising in RFID, Fujitsu is a leader in IoT technologies.

Want to know more about Fujitus's Telecom's services? Call us on +44 (0) 1235 797711 or email