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Financial Services IT podcast series

Fujitsu FSP: The financial services podcast Listen to the latest podcast episode

Explore the latest trends in banking and insurance digitalisation

The Fujitsu financial and insurance services podcast series has been designed to provide you with regular updates around the latest topics and trends within banking and insurance. In each episode Fujitsu subject matter experts and guest speakers come together to explore the latest issues within the sectors, providing guidance to listeners around how they can keep abreast of the pace of change.

Episode guide

Episode 1 - The impact of digital disruption on retail banking and insurance

In episode 1 of our financial services podcast series, Andrew Hilton, Director for the Centre of the Study for Financial Innovation (CSFI) is joined by Anthony Duffy, Director for Retail Banking, Fujitsu UK &I and Mark Boulton, Director for Insurance, Fujitsu UK & I, to discuss the impact that digital disruption is having on retail banking and insurance. The episode focuses on the recent findings from our fit for digital research, exploring what they could potentially mean for the sectors in the future.

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Episode 2 - coming soon

Episode 2 coming soon, where we will be discussing the theme of co-creation and its importance to banks and insurers in the age of digital disruption. Check back here soon for episode 2 which will be available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Coming Soon

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