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Financial Services IT – Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions for Banks and Insurers
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Digital transformation – are you prepared for change?

Within the financial sector, digital technology has led to a dramatic shift in customer purchasing behaviour and service expectations. For banks and insurers competition is fierce, and there are many challenges that must be overcome to meet customer demand for personalised and seamless services across all channels.

  • become more profitable
  • attract and retain customers
  • deliver innovative services that can enhance the customer experience
  • comply with open banking and regulatory change due in 2018

For insurers the challenge is to:

  • transform at speed to keep pace with change
  • remain profitable in the face of aggregators forcing down prices
  • meet customer expectations for exceptional service delivered at lower cost
  • reduced risk and detect fraud
Financial Services Fit for Digital Report

Fujitsu digital solutions

At Fujitsu, we have over 40 years of experience working in partnership with banking and insurance providers, innovating and developing solutions to overcome the challenges they face. With our Cloud Service K5, XpressWay business consulting, Finplex digital financial services platform and Smart Origination biometric enrolment application offerings, we can enable you to digitally transform to; reduce costs, streamline processes, improve your customer experience, and enter the era of open banking with confidence.


Cloud Service K5

Fujitsu K5 is the most agile, open and compatible cloud platform available on the market today. It balances cost and agility with compliance, and enables you to digitally transform with ease. With K5 you can modernise your legacy systems while optimising your investment in new digital solutions, it delivers:

  • cost efficiencies through pay-as-you-use
  • reduced complexity
  • a customer first approach

XpressWay Business Consulting

XpressWay is our pay-for-what-you-use output-focused business consultancy service. It offers a four stage process, Discover - Prove - Apply - Evolve, that enables you to overcome the technological challenge of performance optimisation. It delivers:

  • a flexible and innovative service procurement model to simplify engagement
  • small, modular implementations that reduce risk
  • rapid implementation of new capabilities


With Finplex, Fujitsu delivers a systematic co-creation approach to financial services IT for banks and insurers. Provided through our digital business platform MetaArc, Finplex offers APIs the ability to rapidly develop and deliver new digital services. Finplex offers:

  • a better customer experience
  • omni-channel services
  • analytics to gain deeper customer insight
  • smart device solutions

Smart Origination

Fujitsu Smart Origination is a Finplex supported solution to streamline banking and insurance application processes, and increase fraud protection. It integrates the latest biometric technology and can be used on smart phones, laptops, tablets and PCs to not only collect, process, and verify the applicant’s documentation, but also to verify the applicant’s identity. Benefits include:

  • increased process efficiency
  • reduced processing times
  • improved customer experience

Why choose Fujitsu digitalisation services?

We are experts in digital transformation and have a proven track record helping banks and insurers around the globe to digitalise with confidence. With our innovative solutions, we enable you to deliver operational excellence, enhance the customer experience, drive profitable growth and transform at speed.

  • We are accredited LEAN practitioners, using our Xpressway consulting service we can identify those processes which can be optimised and automated.
  • We work with half of the Fortune 500 which provides access to many third parties for sharing APIs and banking data.
  • We partner with many FinTech organisations, delivering innovative new applications that can be run off our Finplex solution.

Nanto Bank – Japan

With Nanto Bank, we co-created an Internet Sensing Solution (IOS) using mBaaS based on MetaArc, to provide users of IC-equipped combined cash and credit cards with an online-to-offline information delivery service.

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Back Office Solutions

Fujitsu Hybrid IT, Enterprise Service Management solution - ServiceNow, and Workplace transformation offerings, enable you to revitalise your back office processes, reduce your costs and improve your effiiciencies.

Cyber Security

Fujitsu network security solutions, Biometrics, data loss prevention, and ID as a service enable you to remain compliant, reduce fraud and protect against threats posed by cyber-attacks.