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Financial Services IT – Cyber Security

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Fujitsu IT security solutions - protecting your data and systems from attack

Cloud computing, software-defined networking and IoT have all enabled banks and insurers to rapidly innovate, streamline processes and improve the customer experience. However, while the benefits of digitalisation and connected services are evident, there are security implications to consider, such as an increased risk of banking trojans, ransomware, malware and hacker attacks.

For banks, there’s intense pressure to get security right to meet the challenges of 2018 open banking and regulatory change, and for insurers there’s pressure to identifiy and reduce the risk of claim fraud. Under EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), any organisation failing to prevent security breaches will incur heavy financial penalities of €20m or 4% of global annual turnover (whichever is greater).

Fujitsu Managed Security Services

Today, huge volumes of customer data is collected and stored, and this must be protected from theft and cyber attack, which makes data security and systems protection one of the highest priorities for banks and insurers alike.

At Fujitsu, we have decades of experience delivering secure IT and can help you to; identify the risks you face, rapidly recover from attack, protect your customer data and maintain your customers’ trust. We have the highest level of security accreditation and are a trusted security partner to the UK government and Ministry of Defence. Our experience of handling and securing top secret data, means that you can trust us to get your security right. Our offerings include:


GDPR Readiness Assessment

Fujitsu provides fixed-price EU GDPR Readiness Assessments. Our GDPR-trained specialists will analyse all aspects of your organisation, from existing technologies and IT infrastructure to data security policies and privacy statements, and compare this against the new requirements. We will then give you an overview of where you currently are on the road to compliance. Benefits include:

  • a scored readiness evaluation
  • a high level roadmap for GDPR compliance
  • recommendations for immediate action

Datacentre outsourcing

Fujitsu’s highly secure datacentre services deliver high availability, efficiency improvements and cost reductions. You can protect your data, mission critical IT and network infrastructure by choosing us to host your IT environment in our state-of-the-art datacentres. We have over 50 years of datacentre service delivery experience.

  • our datacentres are certified tier III
  • we are a Gartner leader in datacentre outsourcing
  • we were the first in Europe to receive the Uptime Institute’s Gold Operational sustainability award

Network security solutions

Fujitsu provides a range of managed network security services that includes; audits against regulatory requirements, business and service continuity strategies, security reviews, and identity & access management. We can keep your data and IT systems protected and safe from attack, and can help you to stay ahead of regulatory requirements, our offering includes:

  • firewalls
  • intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • data loss prevention
  • email and web security
  • VPN services

Big Data Protection

Fujitsu Big Data Potection delivers a flexible, multi-layered and ongoing approach to IT security. We take a look at all infrastructure layers to minimise the risks associated with Big Data, and can enable you to track, analyse and evaluate your customer data to optimise your services. Our offering includes:

  • security professional services
  • security tools and services
  • secure managed service
  • secure applications services


Fujitsu’s range of biometric and identity management solutions include; applications development, systems integration, infrastructure deployment, service management and maintenance services. Using voice, face and palm recognition technology we help you to reduce fraud. Our offerings deliver:

  • automation of highly secure processes
  • lower cost regulatory compliance
  • better control of premises and data
  • reduction in losses through employee and customer fraud

Incidence response teams

Fujitsu delivers 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and incident response from our Security Operations Centres. We are able to rapidly deploy expert IT security teams to tackle any threat that your organisation faces. Benefits include:

  • responsive and reliable security services
  • cost reductions through shared services
  • reduced reliance on in-house security skills
  • improved security efficiency

Why choose Fujitsu’s intelligence led IT security services?

We are one of the world’s leading cyber security service providers, and we have one of the largest dedicated IT security practices within the UK. Working in partnership with world leading security vendors including; Symantec, Log Rhythm, McAffee, Proofpoint, becrypt, Juniper, Forcepoint and Check Point, our security experts work closely with you to address the challenge of keeping your systems and data safe from threat and attack.

  • We turn data into actionable intelligence to protect you against cyber-attack.
  • We provide 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and incident response.
  • Our comprehensive range of security services align with regulations ISO 27001/2, ISO22301:2012, SOX and PCI DSS.


Banco Bradesco

With PlamSecure we enabled Bradesco to provide instant and secure access to 35,000 ATMs used by 1 million users throughout Brazil.

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