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Primary & Secondary Education – Meeting Expectations

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Primary Education Technology

By the time children start school many are already familiar with technology, giving teachers a platform of knowledge on which to build. Crucially, Key Stages 1 and 2 offer an opportunity to strengthen basic skills so that children can progress further.

Infant and Junior schools that have the technology to enhance learning are setting the benchmark, both in terms of actual achievement and parent or government recognition.

There is an expectation on schools that children will have access to a wide range of technology to support learning and to prepare them for their next steps. For teachers, the challenge is ensuring that 30 or so class computers work simultaneously. Fujitsu is helping to make the technology journey a reality, even at a time when budgets are being reduced. Quality desktops, laptops and tablets provide flexible solutions that can be shared across classrooms.

Secondary Education Technology

With expectations rising all the time . and budgets being scrutinised more than ever, wise IT investments are vital in Secondary education. Durable, flexible and high quality devices that are built to last are the only solution.

Fujitsu provides robust, scalable and state-of-the-art computing technology to Secondary schools seeking to make future-proof IT investments. Recognising that technology continues to adapt, Fujitsu can provide the foundation for students’ progression to this stage of education, while protecting investments for the future.

Giving students the digital skills and means to create content and explore ideas will equip them with what is required in the modern workplace. As young people incorporate technology into their everyday lives, we are helping education providers meet the changing needs of students with the latest generation of computing technology.

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