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Defence IT Offerings and Capabilities

Defence Technology Defence and National Security

Fujitsu secure, agile and innovative Defence technology

For over 5 decades, Fujitsu has been a trusted National Security and Defence solutions provider to the UK MOD. We have vast experience working within the Defence sector, and have a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by today’s military organisations and intelligence communities.
While modern-day Defence requirements are highly specific, particularly in relation to security, agility and communication, not all Defence ICT solutions need to be bespoke. In line with MOD ICT strategy, we develop and implement solutions using industry-leading commercial off-the shelf (COTS) products, that can be hosted on existing legacy infrastructure to ensure cost efficiencies.
Working in close collaboration with SMEs, we innovate and bring together specialist skills and technologies, to deliver agile Defence specific solutions with security at their core. By working closely with CESG, the Information Security arm of GCHQ, and the Accreditation community, we ensure that all security aspects meet exacting MOD requirements.
Fujitsu IT infrastructure Services

Operational Information Services (COAST)

Our operational information services augment existing IT environments and remove the need for complex IT infrastructure rollouts. We deliver fully scalable solutions ranging from highly available and highly resilient data centre services, to smaller scale applications in deployed operations. COAST simultaneously manages multiple operations to transform command and control capability. Find out more (241 KB).

Cloud Hosting Services

Our Cloud portfolio covers IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, and delivers everything you need to develop an effective Cloud and Hybrid IT strategy. Through Cloud managed hosting, we deliver a broad range of services that cover different operating systems and service level requirements. We can design and develop a secure tailor-made Cloud solution that perfectly aligns to your operational needs, and can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. With our hybrid cloud offering, we enable you to combine public and private cloud with on-premises IT to achieve the perfect balance of services.

Break/Fix Services

Our break/fix offering is provided through a specialist Defence technical maintenance team, which has engineering, operational support, and deployment & transition services at its core. We apply lean thinking to continually evolve and improve our service offering which includes - installation, moves and changes, deskside and enterprise services. Our approach to break/fix goes well beyond traditional service metrics and service level agreements. We reduce incident volumes and incident resolution to the lowest possible cost and quickest point of transaction.

Secure Procurement Service

Our highly secure end-to-end IT Procurement and Logistics service guarantees that your hardware is configured in a secure environment, hasn’t been tampered with as it travels through the supply chain and is securely disposed of at end of life. It offers:

  • Procurement – we anonymise the supply chain and source competitively priced equipment on your behalf.
  • Build and Configuration – we configure your equipment within a List X environment using security -cleared experts. Once configured, equipment is asset registered and security sealed.
  • Storage –we allocate a bonding code to your equipment and store it in a List X cage until it’s ready for despatch. Storage at Above Secret classification can be also provided.
  • Delivery – we provide secure, point-to-point transportation by a two-person team of security-cleared experts up to Secret level classification.
  • Disposal – we manage the secure disposal and destruction of hardware up to Secret level classification. Our destruction process is approved by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).
Find out more (1.59 MB ).

Secure Service Desk

Globally we have 5 service desk delivery centres, 8000 service desk staff and provide 24/7/365 support across multiple channels, to over 4.5 million users in 30 countries. Through our Sense and Respond methodology, we deliver a pro-active approach to identifying and eliminating problems before they occur.

We have experience of designing, delivering and managing highly secure service desk solutions for Defence and National Security. Using their knowledge of Defence practices, priorities and users, our Defence specific support team can help you to improve your operating efficiency. Find out more (155 KB).

Managed Desktop

Our managed desktop services are designed to reduce costs (on average our customers make savings of up to 30%), improve efficiency and increase agility. Our solutions take care of your desktop environment and cover every aspect of the service lifecycle, from the development of a managed strategy, to the disposal of technology at the end-of-life. As a world-leading IT security service provider we deliver desktop services that protect your assets and keep your data safe.

Fujitsu Fabric

Fujitsu Fabric is a secure, highly-resilient private cloud-based approach that delivers an open, tailored and accessible workplace experience in a secure, managed and standardised way. It has full cybersecurity capabilities built into its core, and conforms to MOD Defence Line of Development capability integration. Fabric is the ideal ‘workplace anywhere’ solution for Defence and National Security, delivering services to registered users at any time, in any location, and on any device. Find out more (536 KB).

Secure Managed Mobile Service

Our highly secure Managed Mobile Service provides anytime, anywhere mobile access to intelligence classified up to Secret. It’s a portable service that offers a secure network gateway through a secure VPN to enable Secret traffic to be transmitted over a public network. It offers:

  • Secure transmission of voice, video and data
  • Specific routers to enable the use and integration of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)
  • Access to collaborative tools delivered by COTS and GOTS software
  • Encrypted network routes and secure data using compact and self-powered encryption devices
  • Encrypted hardware
  • Scalability – from 20 to over 1000 users
  • Defence Assurance and Information Security accreditation
  • ISO 27001 certification
Find out more (173 KB).
Fujitsu Interoperability Services

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Our Operational Enterprise Service Bus Hosting Environment (OEHE), facilitates the exchange of near real-time information across a broad range of disparate sources. It delivers a secure platform for the integration of Information Services, and provides users with a view of the most up to date and relevant data. An Enterprise Service Bus links applications that users access daily, with information sources containing data and associated contextual analysis. It’s a scalable solution that can be used in any environment, from a small deployed operation to a highly available, highly resilient data centre.

Fujitsu Tactical IoT

Our tactical IoT solutions use a lean, low bandwidth protocol to combine previously dispersed information. We protect the boundary between high and low security classifications, by utilising 2iC’s innovative tactical cross domain architecture in conjunction with Deep Secure’s IX guard. The result is the delivery of critical intelligence from the battlespace environment right through to the command centre. We offer a broad range of IoT solutions that deliver critical data on people, assets and equipment. Find out more (183 KB).

Secure Cross Domain Gateway Solutions

With our Gateway Discovery Service, we enable secure, efficient and affordable collaboration and information access and exchange with allies and partners. Working with a number of specialist world class technology partners, that includes Garrison (250 KB), Nexor (239 KB) and Deep Secure, we;

  • provide a secure way of browsing the internet for organisations that rely on enhanced cyber security for their users
  • deliver real protection against advanced cyber-attacks by providing advanced firewalling functionality
  • join up networks and information
  • enable the enrichment of high classification data repositories with data feeds from lower classifications
Fujitsu business and user services

High Grade Military Messaging (HGM)

Our High Grade Military Messaging capability provides a highly available and robust service for land, fixed or deployed units. Our HGM solution interoperates with all existing military messaging systems, and can deliver to international military messaging gateways. It provides confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and accountability. Our technology and services are compatible with the latest IT infrastructures and comply with the most effective service, delivery and security models. Find out more (528 KB).

FUJITSU Head Mounted Display in Defence

With our Head Mounted Display (HMD) solution, we maximise operational effectiveness. HMD utilises augmented reality software to deliver and administer remote maintenance, training and support, whilst monitoring the safety and wellbeing of personnel. It conforms to US Military Standard MIL-STD-81, and meets the challenges faced by people operating in the Defence sector. It's robust, easy to use and flexible, and has many uses from training and simulation through to reconnaissance missions in the battlespace. Find out more (315 KB).

Financial Reconciliation Solutions

Using our Oracle-based dynamic military asset and finance reconciliation solution, we take data feeds from a broad range of formats and sources, and reconcile them into a single, central repository. Data across each accounting period remains constantly available, and is securely hosted in our Fujitsu dual location datacentre. Our reconciliation solution delivers; improved data processing, increased accuracy, improved insight, improved resource allocation and faster reconciliation. Find out more (224 KB).

GlobeRanger Edgeware

With our comprehensive suite of GlobeRanger technology and offerings, we deliver proven and cost effective Defence related solutions, specifically designed to meet the requirements of today'­s global battlespace. GlobeRanger solutions power some of the world'­s largest RFID production deployments, including for the US Defence Logistics Agency. Our portfolio includes Defence information infrastructure, hosting and network services, Automated Identification Technology (AIT) and sensors. We integrate data from human-to-machine, machine-to-machine, RFID and other sensor technologies. Find out more (655 KB).

Maritime projects

For over 15 years Fujitsu has been designing and fitting IT systems, IT infrastructure and technology on-board vessels. We specialise in the implementation of industry standard IT onto military vessels, designing and manufacturing the fittings for maritime use. Our approach includes all the required electromagnetic emissions testing and shock testing for the military maritime environment. Our experience within the MOD means we understand the requirements of on-board systems and the rules, regulations, compliance and practice, for systems working on board and within the ship yard. Our range of maritime services includes design, testing and implementation.

We understand the modern-day complexities and challenges facing military organisations. Our work across the Defence sector means we have excellent insight into the challenges surrounding the ‘joining up’ of information across many large agencies. In implementing our technology, military agencies can respond effectively to any situation that may arise.
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