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SME engagement and the Ministry of Justice

Fujitsu and SMEs
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Partnering with Fujitsu

Fujitsu is targeting Small and Medium Enterprise partners to drive additional value to the Ministry of Justice

Photograph of a handshakeFujitsu are inviting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to present their interest and demonstrate their suitability for partnering with Fujitsu on Ministry of Justice I.T. contracts.  We may also seek future SME involvement on other government I.T. contracts.

The UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ), as part of their reform agenda, has a strategic objective to increase the participation of  SMEs  in the supply chain.

Fujitsu is fully supportive of the Government’s commitment to increasing SME involvement in the delivery of public services and has a strategic objective to enhance our portfolio through the engagement of SMEs to:
• Drive innovation through the consideration of new, innovative, niche products and services; and
• Deliver additional benefit through the engagement of SMEs that hold specialist knowledge in particular industries or markets;

Fujitsu has made a strategic decision to create opportunities to engage with SME partners with the aim of adding value to Fujitsu’s propositions and in turn delivering tangible benefits to our customers. 

If you feel that your SME has the potential to partner with Fujitsu on government I.T. contracts, including those described above as part of  the Ministry of Justice procurement reforms, then please contact us.

To ensure that Fujitsu Services has a comprehensive understanding of your organisation's abilities please ensure you download and complete our request for information (RFI) document (333 KB). You will also need to download a copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (125 KB).


Case Studies

  • Finland , Industry: Government
    Fujitsu provides the Vetuma service to Government ICT Centre Valtori, to deliver e-services to citizens efficiently and securely

    Government ICT Centre Valtori is a service center operating under the administrative authority of the Ministry of Finance, Finland. Valtori aims to provide competitive, high quality, ecological, data secure and sector-independent ICT services for central government administration. Tags:

  • Japan , Industry: Government
    ATR chooses PRIMERGY Servers for optimizing Datacentre power consumption

    FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX200 S7 was selected for the Datacenter Energy Management System (DEMS) as its Power Control Unit functionality to improve the energy efficiency via a HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) +12V power supply and reduce overall TCO. Tags: Data Center

  • United Kingdom , Industries: Education , Government
    British Library

    Fujitsu scanners help The British Library digitise its Document Supply Service. Tags: Imaging Solutions

  • Germany , Industry: Government
    Fujitsu SecDocs as a Quantum Leap for German Federal Deployment Agency

    The Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA) is the largest service provider in the German job market. As a self-governing public body, it acts independently within the relevant legal frameworks. The BA provides a wide range of services to both citizens and companies and institutions in the employment and education markets. Tags:

  • Indonesia , Industries: Government , others
    The Indonesian Institute of Sciences introduces Rack and Scale Out Server platform for High Performance Computing

    The family range of Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY systems underpin a powerful and flexible data center solution that allows LIPI to perform complex scientific calculations, reduce the risk of critical data loss, offers high scalability and a low TCO. Tags: Data Center , High Performance Computing

  • United Kingdom , Industries: Education , Government
    Surrey Scouts

    Scout and Guide event opts for a Fujitsu Scanner system to deal with all the paperwork. Tags: Imaging Solutions

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