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Wireless Transport Networks

Network infrastructure
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FRX-2 and FRX-3E

Fujitsu's microwave radio systems have been deployed all over the globe. Matching performance with excellent reliability, two types of system are available to meet the backhaul traffic requirements for today and in the future.

The FRX-2 offers a traditional SDH Microwave Radio System, and the FRX-3E offers the flexibility of a next-generation hybrid SDH and Ethernet Microwave Radio System.

FRX-2 - SDH Microwave Radio System

FRX-2 Main Signal Transmission Unit (MSTU)The Fujitsu FRX-2 product is a proven SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) Microwave Radio System operating around the world, and is an evolution from our first generation of FRX system. The FRX-2 product has flexible housing applications, which are suitable for deployment in a wide range of SDH networks.

For more product details please visit our FRX-2 - SDH Microwave Radio System page

FRX-3E - SDH/Ethernet-Hybrid Microwave Radio System

FRX-3E BladeSupporting both SDH and Ethernet transports on a single platform, the FRX-3E is a reliable, robust and scalable solution for long-haul, high-capacity wireless backhauling applications. By providing native SDH traffic and native Carrier Class Ethernet traffic simultaneously, it makes possible seamless migration from TDM networks to packet networks in any deployment scenario.

For more product details please visit our FRX-3E - SDH/Ethernet-Hybrid Microwave Radio System page