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GPON: Gigabit Passive Optical Network for FTTx

Network infrastructure
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Calix E-Series

Fujitsu is the premier Calix reseller in the UK and Ireland, Fujitsu’s GPON and active Ethernet FTTx solutions are based on the Calix E-Series platform. The E7 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) introduces new levels of flexibility and scalability for Ethernet service delivery. The E7-20 multi-terabit chassis and the E7-2 Modular Chassis allow any mix of GPON, Point-to-Point GE / AE, 10GE, and GE services. The E7 leverages the first standards-based Ethernet kernel built for access – Ethernet eXtensible Architecture (EXA). Calix EXA Powered platforms are optimised for the access network, leveraging the latest generation of deployable Ethernet standards – ensuring your network is highly extensible and ready for an all-video world.

  • Multi-service Ethernet simplifies IP service delivered at the access network edge
  • Environmentally hardened products have been designed for cost-effective cabinet deployment
  • VDSL2 or bonded ADSL2+ can be leveraged to maximise copper bandwidth / longevity of OSP infrastructure
  • Active Ethernet technology serves bandwidth-intensive business or residential customers
  • GPON technology delivers maximum FTTP deployment flexibility – TDM voice or VoIP, RF video or IPTV
  • Specialised technology and ONTs brings optical technology to Mobile Backhaul applications

Fujitsu’s GPON capability can be and has been integrated with most of our Telecommunications Service offerings, and not just the obvious ones: Turnkey FTTx, and Infrastructure Sharing, but also with Voice Solutions.

E7-20 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP)

The flagship E7-20 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) can support up to 480 dedicated point-to-point GE subscribers or over 10,000 GPON subscribers. 

Key E7-20 ESAP Chassis Features:

Calix GPON-8x Card Filling E7-20
  • 2 terabit backplane with 100 Gbps connection to each line card slot
  • Optimised for fibre-based greenfield Data Centre and CO deployments
  • Centralised switching controllers that deliver fully redundant, carrier grade performance
  • Serves 480 Point-to-Point GE or over 10,000 GPON subscribers, with the capacity to serve over 20,000 subscribers through higher density line cards in the future
  • Capacity to deliver Gigabit Ethernet services across fibre technologies and support emerging fibre technologies (10G PON, 10GE link aggregation, 100GE uplinks / transport)

Switch Control Processor (Aggregation and Transport)

With 200 Gbps of switching capacity, 20 Gbps uplink capacity, and four GE ports for aggregation per SCP card, deployable in a redundant configuration, there is plenty of capacity to serve an entire chassis filled with fibre.

GPON-8x Line Cards (Business and Residential)

Leverage eight port GPON line cards to deliver Gigabit broadband services to your subscribers with status reporting Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA).

GE-24x Line Card (Residential Point-to-Point GE / Active Ethernet)

Deliver residential, Point-to-Point Gigabit Ethernet service drops in 24-port increments with high-density CSFP optical modules.

Fibre Transformation – Ethernet Business Services

A key component of the E7-20 ESAP Ethernet business services solution set is support for the 700GX and 700GE ONTs. These ONTs auto-detect both GPON and Point-to-Point GE technologies, maximising deployment flexibility. The 700 ONT family consists of a wide variety of models designed to fit any business application including 1-8 GE ports, 2-8 T1/E1 ports, 2-8 POTS, and 1-8 RF video ports. The business services ONTs are available in either wall- or rack-mounted models and can be powered by either -48 V or 24 V (required for Mobile Backhaul applications) and are designed to enable carrier-class MEF Ethernet services and drive revenue growth.

E7-2 Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP)

The Calix E7-2 Modular Chassis allows you to deploy the bandwidth you need now, with the flexibility to easily keep pace with accelerating change. Each E7-2 ESAP is a modular two-slot, 1RU chassis with a 100 Gbps non-blocking backplane that delivers any mix of VDSL2, GPON, Active Ethernet / Point-to-Point Gigabit Ethernet, 10GE, and GE services. The E7-2 leverages the first standards-based Ethernet kernel built for access, called Ethernet eXtensible Architecture (EXA).

Calix E7-2 VDSL2The E7-2 leverages the Calix Ethernet eXtensible architecture (EXA) to deliver Unified Access service to both residential and business customers, across GPON, Point-to-Point GE / Active Ethernet, and VDSL2 broadband technologies. Any card, any slot, any combination.

VDSL2-48C and VDSL2-48 Line Cards (Business and Residential)

In 1RU, the E7-2 delivers 96 VDSL2 combo ports or 48 VDSL2 overlay ports, while enabling full ADSL2+ fallback functionality. This includes the ability to deliver bonding and ADSL2+ PTM mode today, while seeding your network with the hardware capability to deliver VDSL2 vectoring – Dynamic Spectral Management (DSM) level 3.

GPON-8 Line Card (Business and Residential)

Maximise fibre access deployment flexibility with eight GPON ports, four Point-to-Point GE / AE ports, and standards-based 10GE transport on the same line card.

GPON-4 Line Card (Business and Residential)

Maximise fibre access deployment flexibility with four GPON ports, eight AE / Point-to-Point GE ports, and standards-based 10GE transport on the same line card.

10GE-4 Line Card (Transport and Aggregation)

Deploy the latest generation of carrier-grade, standards-based 10GE transport and MEF 9/14 certified business services aggregation on the same line card.

GE-12 / GE-24 Line Cards (Residential Active Ethernet / Point-to-Point GE)

Deliver residential, Point-to-Point GE service drops in 12-port (SFP) and 24-port (CSFP) increments with integrated, standards-based, 10GE transport on the same line cards.

Calix P-Series Optical Network Terminals (ONTs)

The Calix P-Series is the industry's broadest portfolio of innovative, standards-based Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) for residential and business services, as well as Mobile Backhaul applications. Calix ONTs are the most widely deployed fibre access devices in North America, with over 750 service providers deploying today. All Calix 700GE and 700GX ONTs - as well as 800GE Residential Services Gateways (RSGs) - have built-in intelligence that auto-detects the technology of the OLT and supports both 2.5 GPON and Active Ethernet. If the technology used at the OLT is changed, the ONTs automatically sense the change and synch-up to the different standard. This technology provides the ultimate in future-proofing the network and ensures a smooth migration for service providers, without the high cost of truck rolls or changing out ONTs at the customer premises.

  • Flexible, innovative design with auto-detect technology.
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces.
  • Robust voice, video, and data services support.
  • Integrated video support for IPTV, one-way and two-way RF video.
  • Remote ONT configuration and activation (RONTA) using the unique Calix voice activation system.

Single Family / Small Buiness ONTs

  POTS 10/100/1000 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 1 GHz RF Video Other Features
710GX 2 1      
711GX 2 1 1    
711GE 2 2      
712GX 2 1     HPNA
714GX 4 1 1    
716GE 2 4      
716GE-I 2 4     Indoor Unit
717GE 4 4      
720GX 2 1   1  
721GX 2 1 1 1  
721GE 2 2   1  
722GX 2 1   1 HPNA
724GX 4 1 1 1  
725GX 2 1   1 RF Return
726GE 2 4   1  
726GE-I 2 4   1 Indoor Unit
727GE 4 4   1  

Business and MDU ONTs

  POTS 10/100/1000 Ethernet T1/E1 1 GHz RF Video Rack Mount Option Other Features
740G 2 1 2 T1 (TDM) 1 No  
760GX 8 4   4+1 No  
762GX 8 8   4+1 No  
763GX 8 8   8 Yes RF Return
765G 8 4 4 T1 (TDM) 4+1 Yes 24 VDC Option
766GX 8 4 8 T1 (TDM), 8 T1/E1 PWE3 4+1 Yes 24 VDC Option
767GX 8 4 8 T1 (TDM), 8 T1/E1 PWE3 8 Yes RF Return

Calix Management System (CMS)

Simplify Network Operations from a Single Element Management System

The Calix Management System (CMS) delivers superior tools and features to install and maintain multi-service copper and fibre networks built from the Calix Unified Access portfolio. Service providers can manage and operate broadband networks that scale from hundreds to millions of broadband subscribers. CMS is a server-based management platform that is capable of managing multiple standalone Calix networks. CMS handles all provisioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting functions enabling service provider operations to standardise training across their networks independent of which Calix platform is deployed. CMS is also able to manage geographically dispersed networks consisting of thousands of Calix access platforms. Utilising an enhanced graphical interface, CMS provides detailed visibility and control of subscriber interfaces, alarm reporting, billing records, security policies, and more. Calix has created a management platform that sets the standard for scalability, security, and ease of use.

Calix CMS - Content Management SystemFujitsu can supply this system as a standalone Element Management System (EMS), or as part of a Managed Service with the software in the cloud, in our dedicated comms rooms, or on an appliance at your location. The Managed Service is co-ordinated through our Network Operations Centre (NOC) at our headquarters building in Solihull.

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