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Telecommunication Services (Network Design Build Operate)


Reliable telecommunications demands a set of services that are constantly updated to ensure compliance to uncompromising public-service standards, whilst meeting the cost pressures of an open, liberalised market-place. In this era of rapid change, Fujitsu is able to offer a customisable selection of services that allow you to take advantage of the latest changes.

Retail service providers can benefit from our extensive retail services portfolio, ensuring your customers benefit from best in class service delivery whilst you gain the economies of scale by utilising Fujitsu’s skilled telecommunication teams to help you outsource the chosen elements of your service.

Wholesalers can diversify, extend and modernise their network operations by utilising Fujitsu’s proven experience in delivering world-class network provision and maintenance services. We offer network design engineering and consultancy, product engineering and consultancy, repair, a full suite of tiered support operations, performance monitoring and management, and much more.

Fujitsu’s excellent Network Operations service encompasses class-leading product support and network management, with rapid-response fault management and a dedicated Customer Contact Centre. Fully CESG approved, Fujitsu can offer you safe, secure and robust assurances on your network for excellent customer experience.

The migration to advanced, virtualised, dynamic networks is a technical and logistical challenge for operators, with large-scale roll-outs demanding tight timeframes and coordination across multiple network functions. Fujitsu offers specialist Turnkey Solutions to address this challenge, dramatically reducing typical on-site times.

Fujitsu Repair Service fujitsu repair service

The Fujitsu Repair Service is now one of the UK’s largest repair service providers; serving the telecoms, retail and public sectors with a wide portfolio of services and solutions.

Network Operations network operations

Fujitsu’s Network Operations service encompasses product support and network management, with rapid-response fault management and a dedicated Customer Contact Centre.

Turnkey Solutions turnkey solutions

Fujitsu’s turnkey services range from analysis, solution design, planning, detailed survey to materials sourcing, integration, staging, pre-build, test, deployment and ready for service.

Connectivity managed enterprise connectivity

Fujitsu has made its own reliable, versatile and adaptable networks available to our customers, allowing them to migrate to more effective communication services and networks.

Voice telecommunication voice solutions

Fujitsu provide compelling Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and Hosted Voice solutions, consolidating data and voice communications to reduce your CapEx and OpEx expenditure.

Professional Services professional services

Fujitsu's team of highly specialised consultants, chosen for their extensive knowledge, professional skills and subject matter expertise, provide a range of services to help improve business competitiveness.

Turnkey FTTx

Fujitsu has embraced passive optical networking as an emerging core feature of low-cost, future-proof networking and are able to offer a host of services.

Infrastructure Sharing

Fujitsu is able to offer a number of services in order to deliver the benefits of unbundled duct and pole access to operators wishing to take advantage of new regulations.