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Managed Rollout & Lifecycle Support

Bespoke Intelligent Engineering services from Fujitsu, designed to drive down costs through utility pricing, radical innovation and higher standards.

Whatever the size of project, Fujitsu has the experience and expertise to ensure your technology will always be business-ready

If you think of IT projects as journeys, whether they’re short and familiar or long and unknown, reaching your destination can be a great deal less trouble if you take two simple steps in preparation. The first is to choose a good travelling companion – and the second is to make sure that companion has a map.

With Fujitsu Managed Rollout & Lifecycle Support, you couldn’t have better company. Our team has years of experience not just in sectors like yours but in many other industries too – and they can put all that knowledge and expertise to good use to take you by the best path, whether you’re heading into the great unknown or just around the corner.

Whether your task is little or large, we have the skills. We have the track record. We have the insight. And we have the map.

“This is the real measure of success of the project; the fact that nobody noticed such a major transition indicates just how well-designed and well-executed the whole project was.”
Martin Taylor, Director for Business Change and Technology, Mitchells and Butlers

What we offer


We have the resources to meet any need – whether your project starts small and multiplies, whether it stays small, or whether it’s a major undertaking from the very beginning.

With over 450 project engineers backed by a further 2,650 engineers and support teams nationwide, we can scale from supporting individual home users all the way up to desktop refreshes in the thousands.


The services we provide span desktop, networks, enterprise and point of sale and can include:

  • End-to-end consultancy
  • Individual desktop set-ups
  • Changes to offices and retail outlets
  • Changes to or installations of data centres
  • Network cabling assignments
  • Deploying new hardware, operating systems and applications

Skills base

We assign the people who are right for you. Our highly trained field engineers, project managers and team leaders have years of knowhow in:

  • Retail and hospitality
  • Financial services
  • Local and central government
  • Telecoms
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • ... and more


We have 35 years in solutions development and deployment across multiple industries and with organisations of all kinds and sizes.

We’ve conducted 78,000 customer-specific builds, 500,000 residential installations and installed 900,000km of cable – enough to stretch to the moon and back. Last year alone, we delivered over 130,000 project man-days.


We’ve managed £60m worth of customers’ deployment stock through the full life cycle – everything from a home-based PC to an enterprise-wide rollout.

Our nationwide network of premises, people and resources mean we can adapt rapidly – so if your requirements change we’ll have the capacity you need.

Added value

Whether you’re setting up a new data centre, or simply installing a new desktop while you organise a new team, we have a toolkit approach to process management, planning, skills assignment, phasing and support structures that ensures you get the most appropriate and cost-effective service.

Our common-sense approach means you’ll experience the kind of service levels expected by blue-chip organisations – but within refreshingly competitive budgets.

In IT, size doesn’t matter: every task can be mission-critical. What’s important is that no matter what the project, no matter what the size of your organisation or your budget, it’s handled with all the skill and experience it deserves.

We’re ready for you. Why not give us a call?

Success at Centrica

The challenge

  • Thousands of devices serving 26,500 users to be migrated from Windows XP to Windows 7 across 28 UK locations

The approach

  • Central and virtual project management and support teams
  • Pre-booked and scheduled overnight deployment with daytime floorwalker support
  • Dedicated team leaders and engineers – around 45 engineers per rollout day at peak

The result

  • Rollout completed to agreed timeframes
  • No impact to users or VIPs experienced
  • Project completed within agreed budget
  • Customer delighted with result
  • Project shortlisted for IT Project Team of the Year, UK IT Industry Awards 2014

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