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Intelligent Engineering

Bespoke Intelligent Engineering services from Fujitsu, designed to drive down costs through utility pricing, radical innovation and higher standards.

As user expectations rise many organisations still rely on traditional break fix models to support their IT infrastructure. Whilst this cost driven approach might appear attractive, it does little to support key business drivers.

Our Intelligent Engineering is designed to add business value and enhance the customer experience not undermine it, and are delivered in a way that reduce operational costs. With capabilities in mobile, deskside and enterprise level engineering, we are the one-stop shop for all your IT infrastructure support requirements.

“Fujitsu is a key element in the service we provide to our retail stores, who are extremely reliant on the tills and devices that it provides and supports. Fujitsu not only meets our requirements, but goes beyond the call of duty to provide us with the best possible service.”
Andy White, Service Manager, EE

Why Fujitsu?

Fujitsu’s Intelligent Engineering uses data to drive predictive, proactive and preventative services that provide our customers with:

  • Reduced cost of IT delivery.
  • Decreased disruption through fewer onsite interventions and better quality interventions.
  • A support service aligned to the business requirements.
  • Maintenance of legacy infrastructures and identified upgrade paths that are cost effective and reflect the rapidly changing nature of business.
  • Management of all technology with a clear view of how it can deliver business benefits.
  • Access to Fujitsu global capabilities and innovation.
MIS Offering

What we provide:

Enterprise Engineering

  •    Covers mission-critical systems, including servers, storage and network hardware 
  •    Provides 24/7 on-the-ground support within data centres
  •    Delivers engineering expertise across all makes and models of devices
  •    Operates to industry-leading standards with a proven track record of success 

Managed Outlet Support Services

  •    On-site resolution of IT issues in your locations across the UK, whenever you need it
  •    Support for all devices including: point of sale, digital media, self-service checkouts, ATMs, notebooks, PCs, networks and servers
  • Innovative models to proactively drive out incidents and reduce interventions
  • Underpinned by one of the largest one of the largest UK IT support operations, with directly employed engineers to deliver consistent quality

Client Device Support Services

  • On-site hardware  and software support for end users, delivered in non-traditional ways
  • Covers tablets, laptops, PCs, phones, video conferencing, managed print and network devices
  • Premium support for servers, networks and wireless LAN
  • Additional support includes VIP options, floor-walking, PC clinics, user training and business continuity back-ups

Make the switch

With a proven track record of successfully of on-boarding new customers seamlessly, transferring business to Fujitsu is painless Speak to us today to find out how we can transform your business

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