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Technical Support Services

Proactive and Preventive: Intelligent Engineering to support your business.

Our Technical Support Services help your business grow by providing high quality support, maximising IT availability and minimising disruption.

IT systems are vital to your business, meaning that preventing problems before they occur is far better than waiting to fix them, and fixing them fast when they do go wrong is a given.

Unplanned outages can have a serious impact on revenue, customer satisfaction and your reputation. The key to keeping your business up and running lies in IT support agreements that  align to your business requirements, which proactively minimise disruption, and are delivered by a partner you can trust.

Fujitsu delivers this and more. We focus on preventing issues before they arise, using our predictive, preventative and proactive Intelligent Engineering services. We work with you to improve your customers’ experience, identify ways to help you become more efficient enabling you to grow faster.

Wherever or whenever you need support, from data centres to single users, Fujitsu delivers services aligned to your business needs.

Your one-stop partner for your entire IT infrastructure

Whether you want to increase system availability or performance, conduct rollouts to tight schedules or deploy large scale solutions, Fujitsu Technical Support Services enable you to do business with the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Worldwide.

Fujitsu Managed Rollout & Lifecycle Support Services ensure that the right systems are available at the right time and in the right place. These project services include automated or customised installations, mass rollouts, upgrades, relocations and de-installations. Fujitsu brings expert rollout and project management skills and experience covering IT installations, training, data migration and system disposals, both at the local and global levels.

Ongoing support is provided through Fujitsu Intelligent Engineering. We can support all IT systems, big or  small, day or night, including multivendor hardware and software products, plus specialised retail systems.

Global Support

Enterprises doing business internationally need to have service solutions that guarantee maximum quality around the globe. The Fujitsu Global Program Management Office (GPMO) delivers such services. This global service delivery centre supports your operations by managing and delivering field services in over 180 countries worldwide, and with the ability to ramp up local service delivery teams quickly. Consistent service management is provided on a 24x7 basis through Fujitsu's three-hub service grid for the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. The global on-site IT support system provides interventions for specific countries, where they are fulfilled by local field engineers.

Why Fujitsu?

  • We have over 35 years’ experience of successfully delivering Technical Support Services, across all sectors, using proven proactive and preventative models to drive down incidents
  • We have invested heavily in the technology, tools, processes and skills required to deliver world-class technical support services
  • We employ engineers directly meaning we can invest in long term training and development on systems and for specific customers, ensuring quality customer focused service
  • We can provide highly flexible delivery models, service windows and SLA frameworks aligned to your business patterns
  • End to end multivendor capability means we provide full lifecycle support from installation,  ongoing support through to repair and disposal, on whatever equipment you wish to deploy
    • Solid end-to-end service integration means higher customer satisfaction and lower costs