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Data Centre Outsource:

Data Centre Outsource

red-cdsCustomers that outsource their data centre systems are able to achieve significantly more. They benefit from lower costs, improved service levels, faster system deployment and the ability to devote more time to focus on important business matters. Fujitsu takes Roadmapresponsibility for delivering the day-to-day IT service levels and makes transformational improvements.

Consistent SLAs

IT assets and staff are transferred to Fujitsu – and managed on behalf of the customer. From day one, Fujitsu takes responsibility for the required service levels, reducing the operational burden on in-house IT resource, enabling extended hours of operation. It frees the customer’s retained staff to focus on aligning and maximising the value of IT for the business.


Fujitsu achieves ongoing improvements by building a transformation road map with the customer. Our consultants prepare and agree the road map with the customer’s retained staff to achieve the required improvements and cost savings.


Improvements are implemented using our economies of scale and expertise to eliminate unnecessary costs, improve IT service levels, create IT flexibility to meet changing business demand in hours and host new business systems much faster. Where appropriate, improvements include optimisation of the IT infrastructure, operations and premises.

We apply standardisation, automation, virtualisation and industrialisation of systems to create a highly efficient agile IT infrastructure.

In the system management operations, we rationalise operations, upgrade tools and automate tasks, utilising off-shore, near-shore and on-shore resources as appropriate to achieve service quality and efficiency.

In the data centre facilities, we consolidate premises, upgrade cooling and power systems, and improve working practices to provide an efficient, safe, reliable environment for customer IT systems. During any change programme, we ensure the delivery of the required IT service level to users.

Incorporating Cloud

With careful selection, deployment and management, Cloud services provide greater efficiencies. Fujitsu takes responsibility to achieve the right balance of cloud and private IT infrastructure as part of a data centre outsource. It ensures customers reap the benefits of cloud computing without having to manage it themselves. Fujitsu identifies suitable cloud services, agrees usage with customers and ensures integration with existing IT systems for seamless operation. Fujitsu manages the cloud service provider performance, deploying workloads across the owned and rented infrastructure to optimise cost effectiveness and to deliver greater flexibility.

Data Centre Outsource – how our customers benefit:
  • Elimination of unnecessary costs - saving up to 50% 
  • IT infrastructure - made efficient & flexible 
  • New business systems - deployed in hours 
  • IT service level - improved and consistent 
  • Retained staff able to focus on business priorities 
  • Energy usage reduced. Carbon footprint reduced 
  • Assets moved off the balance sheet