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Managed Desktop

Managed Desktop

Fujitsu Managed Desktop takes care of your desktop environment driving out cost, improving workforce productivity and ensuring the flexibility to meet changing business demands.

Where in the past standardising the desktop environment was viewed as a key way to deliver cost savings, organisations now need to contend with and support a diversity of:
  • Technology devices: from PCs and laptops to the proliferation of tablets and smartphones 
  • User expectations: with a workforce comprising baby boomers, generation x and digital natives 
  • User roles: from task workers and knowledge workers to mobile users and office-based executives 
  • Locations: providing flexible access to computing resources whether in the office, at home, on the move or at a WiFi hotspot

Our desktop services have been designed to both manage this diversity and respond effectively as needs change. So if your workforce contracts or expands, as the need to support more flexible and mobile working practices grows - and as consumer technology becomes more accepted in the workplace, you have the flexibility and capability to meet these demands.

Find out why organisations choose Managed Desktop from Fujitsu.

Experience the difference

Unlike other service providers, Fujitsu focuses on how the user experiences the desktop service. It means we look at what really matters to users - their pressing concerns – and how we can address these as quickly and easily as possible. We also consider how these problems can be eliminated moving forward – through better design and proactive system management. In addition, Managed Desktop is underpinned by lean principles and a culture of continuous improvement to ensure users can rely on IT to meet their needs.

Did you know?

Fujitsu is a leading provider of desktop services across Europe – managing over 2.9m desktop devices, including 1m in the UK. We are also the number 1 provider in the UK public sector.

Fujitsu Positioned As A ‘Leader’ In End-User Outsourcing Services

The 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for End-User Outsourcing Services positions vendors based on their “ability to execute” and their “completeness of vision”. Gartner defines ‘leaders’ in both market segments as “[those who] are performing skilfully. They have a clear vision of the market’s direction and are developing competencies to maintain their leadership position. They shape the market, rather than follow it."

The reports can be read by following these links:

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