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Biometrics and Identity Management

Fujitsu enables more effective biometric and identity management, so that Governments and commercial businesses are able to reduce the risk of identity fraud to citizens and consumers, for criminal or terrorist purposes. We provide a full range of services in biometrics and identity management, including: systems integration, applications development, infrastructure deployment, service management and maintenance services for these functions.


We work closely with partners to supply state of the art biometric software and devices, using commercial off the shelf products to reduce risk and cost for our customers. Fujitsu also maintains its own range of biometric products and sensors.

Fujitsu has deployed biometric and identity based systems worldwide including:
  • Biometric border control systems for the United Kingdom 
  • Visa assessment systems for the United Kingdom and Estonia 
  • Criminal records and biometrics systems for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 
  • Biometric passport issuance in Japan 
  • Speaker Verification for the Australian Government 
  • Commercial, Educational and Healthcare biometric applications in the USA, UK, Spain and Japan.
The business benefits from deploying biometric based identity management are diverse. Our customers have seen demonstrable returns on investment through:
  • Automation of highly secure processes (e.g. call centres, border control)

  • Reduction in losses through employee and customer fraud (e.g. time sheet manipulation)

  • Lower cost regulatory compliance (e.g. securing access to financial or medical records)

  • Better controls of premises and data (e.g. preventing access card or password sharing)

In addition to national scale deployments of fingerprint, face recognition and speaker verification systems, Fujitsu has developed enterprise scale biometric authentication solutions using their PalmSecure™ technology. PalmSecure™ is a contactless, hygienic system which offers very high security coupled with excellent ease of use.

  • United Kingdom , Industry: Government
    Citizenship and Migration Board, Estonia

    Following an extensive procurement process, Fujitsu (previously known as AS Mandator Estonia) won a contract to design and implement the new national visa (N-VIS) system, as well as updating the underlying IT architecture. Tags:

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  • United Kingdom
    UK Border Agency trials automated border clearance system with Fujitsu

    UK Border Agency has unveiled a trial of an automated border control system at Manchester International airport. The system provided by Fujitsu Services in partnership with Vision-Box S A, allows passengers holding electronic passports and arriving through Terminal 1 at Manchester airport to fast-track through immigration with no prior registration.

Our Long Term Investment in Biometrics

Biometric systems and devices have been developed by Fujitsu for over two decades. We have developed a broad range of products from border management systems to fingerprint readers in laptops. We continue to invest in our research and development of biometric systems.


Fujitsu's PalmSecure™ is based on palm vein pattern recognition technology. It can protect both your personal information and your security systems. It is highly accurate and easy to use, and is widely used in education, healthcare and banking.