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FRAM Memory Technology

FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) is a unique kind of non-volatile memory, which outperforms existing memories like E2PROM and Flash, consumes less power and offers higher speed and endurance to multiple read-and-write operations. FRAM is used in metering, industry automation, smart cards, RFID, security and many other applications.

GaN (Gallium Nitride) Power Devices

Over the last several years, GaN (Gallium Nitride) semiconductors have emerged as a leading technology enabler for the next wave of compact, energy-efficient power conversion systems – ranging from ultra-small adapters, high-power-density PCs, server and telecom power supplies, to highly efficient PV inverters and motion control systems.

Foundry Services

FEEU works closely with MIFS to provide European customers access to the 90nm to 40nm CMOS process technology based on two fabs with 300mm production lines in Japan. The key target is to provide the required flexibility in terms of process targeting and tuning for customers requiring cost-efficient process technologies.

ASICs (Custom SoCs)

Fujitsu offers complete design and technology solutions, from 180nm to 40nm, for high-speed and ultralow-power applications. The Semiconductor Manufacturing Services group supports customers with a wide range of flexible business models, from full turnkey ASIC to cost-effective COT engagement, to achieve quick time-to-revenue production.

Imaging & Graphics Solutions

In 2015, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited transferred its System LSI business to Socionext Inc. The majority of its current product portfolio provided by FEEU was therefore developed while Socionext was still part of Fujitsu Semiconductors. Much of the Socionext product offering deals with media processing focusing on video capture, video processing (encoding, decoding, transcoding) and display management.

Ultra-low power MCUs and RTCs

Ambiq Micro was founded in 2010 on the notion that extremely low power semiconductors are the key to the future of electronics. Ambiq Micro developed a patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT™) platform that dramatically reduces the amount of power consumed by semiconductors. By applying SPOT, Ambiq produces the world’s lowest power real-time clock (RTC) and microcontroller (MCU), Apollo.

Development Tools

‘inrevium’ is the brand name for products developed by the Design & Development Center of Tokyo Electron Device (TED). Fujitsu Electronics Europe distributes these products in EMEA. The wide range of products include products driven by their proprietary technologies, high value-added devices and cutting-edge products developed by collaborations among industry, academia and government, and general-purpose products to meet market needs. The majority of products are high-end development boards for XILINX FPGAs and FMC cards as add-on for these and other FPGA boards.