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All-Flash Arrays

The fastest servers and network connections in the world are not much help if storage systems cannot read or write data at a rapid pace. Performance-hungry databases, time-consuming data analyses, frequently accessed online applications and virtualized server or desktop environments can lead to storage bottlenecks very quickly.

Solid state disks (SSDs) can increase speed by a factor of 100 or more, and they considerably outperform hard disks. Performance and response issues could be solved immediately if all the data in performance-intensive applications resided on a storage system equipped with SSDs. Although SSDs are more expensive in terms of purchase price, the added cost is offset when they are deployed in environments which require high performance levels.

Temporary solutions based on hard disks can be expensive as well – and their performance is much lower than SSD solutions. Approaches such as investments in dedicated storage systems per application, the distribution of data over as many hard disks as possible, or frequent system tuning are only stop-gap solutions at best. And they usually deliver relatively poor overall storage system utilization.

Violin Memory systems are purpose-built for exploiting the performance potential of flash storage to a maximum – all supported by a flash optimize design. The objective of the ETERNUS DX200 All-Flash Edition is to balance performance with investment costs using a budget-optimized approach for flash storage usage. Our RapidStructure reference architectures combining server and flash storage technology enable our customers to reduce deployment time and risk.

Fujitsu ETERNUS DX200 All-Flash Edition ETERNUS DX200 All-Flash Edition

The ETERNUS DX200 S3 has a maximum capacity of 1,056 TB, supports up to 264 SSDs, SAS and Nearline SAS drives in mixed configuration and is equipped with 4 to 8 host interfaces.

Violin Memory Violin 6000 Series flash Memory Arrays

“IT-Equipment worldwide is responsible for 2% of C02 emissions which corresponds to the amounts of CO2 emitted by airplanes.“ Simon Mingay, Gartner Across Europe long-term energy prices are going in one direction - up. With judicious planning however, costs and consumption can be dramatically lowered across IT operations, even in storage, which is not the primary energy saving challenge in the data centre. Servers with high performance processors are consuming a lot more power and producing a high amount of heat. But even 15%–20% of the data centre’s power consumption is storage based.

Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track

Fujitsu, Violin Memory and Microsoft deliver the well integrated product line of All-Memory Data Warehouses.

Fujitsu RapidStructure® for Microsoft® SQL Server® Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track

Fujitsu RapidStructure for Microsoft SQL Server is a flexible infrastructure stack designed to support and consolidate Microsoft SQL Server databases on a reliable platform.