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Fujitsu Server Scale out systems

Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Cloud eXtension Family

The Fujitsu server PRIMERGY CX400 Cloud eXtension systems are the platform for Cloud computing, HPC High Performance Computing, Service Provider and large scale-out computing server farms. They focus on providing large datacenters with massive scale-out x86 server power while at the same time delivering new datacenter economics for server density, energy consumption, heat optimization and lower overall operational costs. The PRIMERGY CX400 server series has everything customers need to achieve a new dimension of cost-effectiveness with a cloud data center. Due to their innovative scale-out design, the PRIMERGY CX400 servers require less space per rack and less energy & heat per server as compared to conventional rack servers. They pay dividends in significantly lowered operating expenses, easier installation and more aggregated computing power in the datacenter at lower all around investment.
The PRIMERGY CX420 combines the advantages of compact and cost efficient CX server node design with simplicity in operation. It provides Out-of-the-Box Dual Node Cluster solutions for small and medium enterprises as well as branches, delivering High Availability for applications and data to customers, yet requiring only limited expert knowledge while fitting to limited budgets.

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY CX400 S2 PRIMERGY CX400 front 2.5-inch

The Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY CX400 S2 Multi-Node server system enables to Scale-Out Smart by packaging up to 4 independent dual socket server nodes and up to 24 local storage drives into a consolidated 2U rack enclosure. The system acts as a replicable Smart Scale-Out building block with conformity to conventional 19” rack infrastructure, providing a new compact server node density with high power efficiency to realize large scale-out solutions for HPC and Cloud Computing at lower overall costs.

FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY CX420 S1 PRIMERGY CX420 S1 - front view

The Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY CX420 S1 is an out-of-the-box Dual Node cluster server for Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012, enabling small and medium enterprises or multi-site organizations to provide continuous uptime for their business applications and data. Designed for lower IT expertise and limited budgets, it operates as simple as a server, but continuously available as a cluster. It leverages new High Availability features provided with Microsoft® Windows Server® 2012.
Everything you need is condensed into a 2U rack enclosure comprising two server nodes, up to 12 shared hot-plug storage drives and shared power and cooling, thus lowering capital expenses. Yet it enables flexible configuration of processing power, data capacity and networking options to adopt for various software solution scenarios.