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ScanSnap Cloud


ScanSnap Cloud is productivity at the push of a button. It takes your paper directly to your cloud. ScanSnap Cloud allows you to send data directly from your ScanSnap iX500 or iX100 scanner to popular cloud repositories. Set your profiles on the dedicated app once, and start to enjoy instant upload of your document to your cloud. No PC required.

Valued partnerships with popular software providers enable simple scan-to-cloud services for accounting and receipts, document storage and sharing, business cards,  and photograph management. ScanSnap Cloud automatically classifies your file type, and sends it to the appropriate cloud service based on your pre-set profiles. It even increases efficiency in document filing by using OCR to identify and properly name your scanned documents. ScanSnap Cloud combines the ease-of-use of ScanSnap scanners with integration to a variety of trusted cloud services, in order to provide a convenient and comprehensive solution for ScanSnap customers and cloud service users.

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Direct connection to your cloud

A ScanSnap iX100 or iX500 scanner and a Wi-Fi access point are all you need. You can take advantage of convenient cloud services in the office or at home without using a computer or a smart device. A direct connection to your cloud services can be established from your ScanSnap iX100 or iX500 which executes first image processing operations and Wi-Fi routing using our “GI processor” technology. *


* ScanSnap Cloud is addressed through the Wi-Fi environment services regularly available in the office or at home. Alternatively, setting up a personal hotspot on your personal mobile phone is supported and recommended for convenient Paper-to-Cloud operation while on the move.

Easy “one touch” operation

ScanSnap Cloud provides “one touch” operation. It allows you to just set papers and scan. With useful features to reduce time and effort, processing and enhancement operations that usually need to be performed before and after a scan are automated completely.

Intelligent sort: This function automatically identifies the scanned document as one of the following four content types; “receipt”, “business card”, “document” and “photo”. Then it files the scanned document in your preferred cloud service.


Intelligent name assist: This function automatically creates a file name that combines the date and the document title extracted from the original file. This makes document management and information use easier and more efficient.
The document title can be extracted from content identified as “document”. For other file types, the scanned date will be used as the file name.

name assist

Intelligent image optimization: ScanSnap Cloud performs an intelligent image optimization process which usually is available only for scanners directly attached to computers. The optimization process inherits outstanding ScanSnap features that save time and effort.

image optimization

Strong security infrastructure using Microsoft Azure

ScanSnap Cloud is operated on secure infrastructure using Microsoft Azure, which has become a preferred infrastructure architecture for many companies around the world.



For Computer attached
set up and control
Hardware Same as ScanSnap iX100 / iX500 operation environment
OS Windows Later than Windows Vista® 32 -bit / 64 -bit
Mac OS Later than OS X v 10.8.3
Other Internet connectivity
For Tablet or
Smartphone connected
set up and control
Hardware iOS iPad2 or later
iPhone 5 or later
iPod touch 5th or later
Android CPU Recommend more than ARM dual processor
Memory Recommend more than 512MB
OS iOS Later than iOS7
Android Later than Android 4.0
Other Internet connectivity
“Google Play” is installed (Android)

For further requirements click here to choose your scanner model.

Downloads & Updates

ScanSnap Cloud App Download

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ScanSnap Cloud App (iOS) is available as a free download from the App Store.

google store
ScanSnap Cloud App (Android™) is available as a free download from the Google Play.


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