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Women in Technology: no woman is an island

Join us at our next Women in Technology event

Wednesday 14th November 2017 in Central London, 17:00 – 21:00

Life in the 21st Century is all about connections – it seems everything is networked. Invariably, we have all become part of social networks, business networks, information networks; we are no longer islands, but nodes – increasingly connected to one another in some way.

Connections can manifest in a number of ways; in meaningful relationships brought about by human interaction and engagement. Or – as is increasingly the case – transactional and transient, initiated and sustained by technology.

Fujitsu refers the phenomenon of connecting people, information and things as the ‘hyperconnected world’, and we believe there is a genuine opportunity to harness the power of technology to create a more prosperous future for everyone.

At our next Women in Technology event we will explore the implications of the hyperconnected world, our relationship with technology – and with our network. We will consider the multiplying connections we are all making on a daily basis and consider whether there is potential to create genuine benefit from them.

Event Speakers

We are delighted that Timandra Harkness will be joining us. Timandra is a science writer, broadcaster and comedian. She has presented on Radio 4, and written a book; Big Data: does size matter? which considers how data is changing the world – but not always for the better. Timandra will help us explore the impact of ever-multiplying connections and the human and societal impact of technological change.