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Industrialisation of IT

Every business is different, so every business needs different IT. Not strictly true. In fact around 80% of an IT infrastructure will be the same whatever the business. This reality underpins Fujitsu’s approach to IT Standarisation – TRIOLE.

TRIOLE is the process of integration and testing that forms the basis of the industrialisation of IT. Applied to IT Infrastructure it produces a series of exhaustively tested (70% of development time goes on testing) dependable ‘building blocks’ or Templates along with a standardized method for servicing them. These Templates can be assembled quickly and easily to the foundation of a customer solution, producing a standardized Infrastructure and an associated set of ITIL compliant standard services.

Customers benefit from
  • Faster solution deployment 
  • Lower costs across the life of the system 
  • Higher reliability 
  • Ease of upgrade as the business evolves

TRIOLE was launched in Japan in 2003 where around 4,000 customer projects have now been implemented using TRIOLE processes. It represents the integration of three concepts:
  • design re-use 
  • best practice 
  • commonality of components. 
Building a new infrastructure using pre-tested configurations gives flexibility without the risk - all at lower cost.

“It means the vast majority of the design, build and testing of any system is carried out in our labs at our expense, so much of their risk is already covered. And they are benefiting from the $2.4 billion Fujitsu spends each year on research and development.

“It follows that for each individual customer we can focus on the unique parts of the system that make a difference to their business outcome. And, because the system is not unnecessarily complex, it can be enhanced and transitioned as business requirements dictate.”