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Continuous service improvement

Continuous service improvement is achieved by being more interested in our customers’ business than in their IT. We are concerned with maximising the value IT creates rather than churning out products and services for the sake of it.

We developed an approach called Sense and Respond and initially applied it to our Service Desk where it turned traditional thinking on its head.

Rather than trying to close calls as quickly as possible, our agents are encouraged to spend time assessing the impact problems have on the overall business. They then take personal responsibility for putting actions in place to prevent reoccurrence or to reduce impact. As a result one of our customers has seen its problem calls drop by 50%.

Now Sense and Respond is adopted across other areas of our business.

The effects have been various and far reaching but with a number of common strands:
  • Closer and more productive relationships with our customers 
  • Long term service improvements rather than quick fixes 
  • Cost savings 
  • Elimination of wasted time and effort

“Aside from the benefits customers have derived from ‘Sense and Respond’ it has been very positive for our employees, they have a bigger say in the service we provide and this empowerment allows their efforts to have a visible impact on our customers’ success. The resulting employee satisfaction has seen a reduction in staff turnover.

All told a win-win situation.”