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Realism in IT

Two years ago, we asked a sample of European CEOs and CIOs to give us their honest views on the IT industry

They pulled no punches. “I just want it to work. Is that too much to ask?” was a common response. IT should be invisible” was another we kept hearing. Our favourite was “Some problems aren’t glamorous, they just need solving.”

More than ever, governments and businesses are tired of hyped theories and radical visions. They are no longer prepared to work with hope instead of strategy. They simply want IT to do its job. We were pleased to hear this, because it fitted with something we’d been thinking for some time – that it’s time for IT to start delivering. It’s time to tell the truth about what IT systems will do, when they will be working and how much they will cost.

It’s time to rewrite contracts so that everybody wins. It’s time to stop buzzwording the world into elevated expectations. It’s time to behave more like traditional manufacturers and prioritise robustness, reliability and industrial levels of dependability.

It’s time to get real.

Fujitsu Services is leading the way to a new reality in IT and this journey is working for us, our customers and the rest of the IT industry (who, by the way, are cordially invited to travel with us).