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Fujitsu Case Studies - Digital Business Transformation

Developing coherent digital strategies
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Helping organisations to unlock the true value of digital transformation

Whether you are a consumer facing organisation or a public sector body, Fujitsu has the expertise you need to realise the true potential of digital technology.

Our customer successes cross all sectors, from finance to government. We have helped hundreds of organisations to digitally modernise and have powered billions of customer engagements.

We have worked with organisations around the world to develop coherent digital strategies which can:

  • enable new user experiences
  • join up fragmented systems and processes
  • exploit new business opportunities

Making a difference to businesses across the world

We developed and delivered a UK government agency’s first externally-facing mobile application. With this app the agency has been empowered to make publically accessible data available via a mobile phone.
We enabled a French transport organisation to speed up incident reporting. Our mobile app, based on RunMyProcess technology, allows officers to record and report incidents in real time, sharing data instantly with HQ to enable a faster resolution. 
For a European retail bank we designed and developed a multi-lingual app. It’s allowed the bank to improve consistency across channels and countries, and has simplified back-office processes. 
We digitally enabled a Canadian public sector registry, which had over 150 years’ worth of paper-based records. Our one-stop integrated solution included imaging, e-commerce, e-signature and the management of very large databases. Our solution means Canadian citizens have online access to all agency information. The solution reduced costs, protects data, and has increased both accuracy and efficiency. 
Fujitsu was contacted by a European emergency services organisation to provide a single portal for administration, data access and sharing throughout core emergency services. Our application is being used by fire, police and ambulance services to integrate disparate systems and improve communication.