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Diversity and Inclusion

Fujitsu is fully committed to the development of a diverse workforce. Therefore applications for employment are always fully considered, irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, race, faith, sexual orientation or part-time status.

We are fully committed to making all reasonable adjustments to ensure that people with disabilities can also compete for employment and will have the opportunity to develop their careers with Fujitsu.

Not only do we believe that there is a moral and legal obligation on all employers to promote diversity, but we also recognise that there are clear benefits for doing so:

  • Fujitsu is primarily a “People Company” and its success is built on the skills and knowledge of our people. Therefore we want to attract and retain the best talent regardless of individual differences.
  • We recognise the changes within society that increasingly puts a premium on achieving a balance between work and life outside of work. Via our people policies supported by our investment in management development we are developing a culture that is supportive of the individual.
  • We work in partnership with a range of customers who employ a diverse cross section of society. It is important to these customers that their workforce reflects the society in which they operate. We share this view and as their IT partner of choice, we believe it is important that we aspire to achieve this as well.
  • We take pride in the creativity of the solutions we develop for our customers. We believe that a diverse team has the potential to achieve a better understanding of the requirements of our customers and to develop the best solution.
  • Our commitment to diversity extends into the communities in which we operate. Through our Charitable Support and Community Relations policy we encourage all our employees to become involved in helping to give something back to society.

Within Fujitsu the diversity concept is inclusive and based on valuing everyone as a unique individual and celebrating this difference. We believe it is key to helping create an environment that will enable an enhanced contribution from all our employees.

This will work for their benefit and to the advantage of our business, our customers and society more generally.